Friday, December 30, 2005

OCD . . not officially diagnosed

I don't know if this falls into the category of OCD EXACTLY . . but I find it hard to part with things, purely physical THINGS without some sort of goodbye.

Case in point, today at work, I took my 2005 calendar down to hang up my new 2006 Lighthouse calendar (that I snagged for $1 at Target!). I felt bad simply tossing the old calendar in the trash. I had to kind of hold it for a moment and then give it a kiss before throwing it away.

Get that look off of your face. I know that's not normal.

Happy New Year.

Still no Christmas pictures, but a Birthday pig* instead

Tracy, my buddy from work (bottom row, on the left) celebrated her 27th b-day on the 20th of December. We celebrated by going to Semolina's and ingesting mass quantities of pasta dishes. Enjoy this lovely picture of a group of us. I detest the way I look in the picture, but hey, I guess it looks like me, so what you gonna do?

As I've said before, I'm so thankful for my friends here at work. They make my days bearable and keep me laughing on a regular basis. They also all enjoy eating, which is way up there on my list.

**When I ran the spellcheck on this, it changed my 'pic' to 'pig'. I thought it was appropriate, so I let it ride.

Peace out. Probably my last post before the New Year 2006, so have a great one. See you next year.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

If you want Christmas pictures, don't look here.

I didn't take one Christmas picture this year. Not one. Why, you ask? Because I'm a bad mother and Christmas was so crazy with everything, I didn't bring my camera anywhere. I do like to share a good picture though so here's an oldie but goodie from 4 years ago, wee Anna and wee-wee Pearl. I found it on my PC last week and just had to share it because they both should win an award for cuteness. Don't you think?

Christmas was great. The girls had a great time opening all of their loot. I ended up spilling the beans to Anna about Santa because I screwed up on two of her 'Santa' gifts and put the wrong name (one Emma and one John M.). She looked very suspicious and she had every right to be. I told her about Santa a little while later and she took it well. She said she suspected it, but she was afraid she wouldn't get any gifts if she let on that she knew. So, that's that.

1 nosy 10-year-old + 1 scatterbrained mom = THERE IS NO SANTA!.

So, now the stress of Christmas is over and a new year is about to begin. Look out, 2006, here we come.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Renee's 5 Random Things . .

I've been tagged by Kether to share 5 random things about myself. Let's see what I can come up with. Can you feel the excitement? No?

1. I was a REALLY picky eater as a kid. As in, I wouldn't eat pizza, peanut butter (still don't, on that one), spaghetti, tacos, a lot of the normal kid stuff. All I would eat was hot dogs, bologna, macaroni and cheese, and french fries . . lots of those.

2. I never made an 'N', (equivalent to a 'D') in elementary school until I was in 5th grade. I distinctly remember it because I had missed a couple of days of school and had to do a 'make-up' paper about Johnny Appleseed. I hurried through it and Mr. Goodroe ( a long string-bean of a guy with a little tiny moustache) gave me an 'N' on it. I wanted to punch him square in the face.

3. My student job while at LSU, was at a library called Hill Memorial, which houses special collections. I worked in the basement and my main duty was to microfilm newspapers from throughout the state. This entailed flipping pages, flattening them out with a stick and taking a picture. I did this for hours at a time. ANY job seemed exciting after that.

4. I have deja vu very often.

5. Aunt Flo first visited when I was 12, my sister was 9 when she got her visit. 9!!

That's it for now. Do you know me better now?
I tag Tara,
and Momyblogr.
Peace out.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

A Christmas MeMe

Stolen from Christa and ChesneyGirl - the both of them! Thanks, girls.

1. Egg Nog or Hot Chocolate? Hot Chocolate! I've never tried egg nog but I just know I don't like it!

2. Does Santa wrap presents or just set them under the tree? When I was growing up, they came unwrapped. My kids get them wrapped. More work for me, why did I start that?!

3. Colored or White lights on tree/house? Colored.

4. Do you hang mistletoe? Sometimes.

5. When do you put up your decorations? I'm not a big decorator. Bah, humbug, but we usually put the tree up a couple of weeks before Christmas.

6. What is your favorite holiday dish? It used to be Maw Maw Jean's roast and rice and gravy.

7. Favorite holiday memory as a child? Hmm. . that's a hard one. I guess, when my sister and I saw the REAL Santa at Pike's Peak and came home and bragged to our cousins how we had seen the actual Santa Claus!

8. When and how did you learn the truth about Santa? I think I was about 8. I cried.

9. Do you open a present on Christmas Eve? We open all of our family presents then.

10. What kind of cookies does Santa get set out for him? Chips Ahoy! I'm no baker.

11. Snow! Love it or Dread it? I like it . . for about 15 minutes.

12. Can you ice skate? Well, yeah, it's not really skating though. More like ice walking.

13. Do you remember your favorite gift? I was really excited to get the Weeble McDonald's when I was about 4 or 5!

14. What's the most important thing about the holidays for you? Spending time with my family.

15. What is your favorite holiday dessert? Christmas cookies...I'm not much of a sweets/baked goods person.

16. What is your favorite holiday tradition? Mass on Christmas Eve and then dinner and presents with my family

17. What tops your tree? An angel

18. Which do you prefer, Giving or Receiving? Okay, I can't lie - receiving.

19. What is your favorite Christmas Carol? Louisiana Christmas Day by Aaron Neville

20. Candy Canes! Yuck or Yum? Yum.

Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Monday, December 19, 2005

Santa's visit 2004

I just found this photo of this picture from last year's Christmas. It was a note that 'S.C.' left for the girls on our dry erase board. I look at the handwriting and wonder how in the world they didn't know it was me. It looks just like the way I normally write. I guess they're so sure it's Santa, that it being anyone else writing it would be out of the question.

I always leave a little cookie and milk remainder. I'm not sure why. Do you do the same? I mean, he must be so full from eating cookies at all of the other houses . . he couldn't possibly eat the whole thing, right?! And reindeer food, we usually leave that too. Every year, the girls make this at school and they make sure I don't forget the reindeer on Christmas Eve. That food probably stays on the ground all of 15 seconds before being gobbled up by Nala, the golden retriever 'pig' next door.

I can't believe Christmas is just a few days away. Break out the reindeer food and let's party.

Friday, December 16, 2005

Exactly 1 year, 2 months, 3 weeks and 1 day ago....

Shoppers Anonymous

I've ordered so much crap in the last couple of months from every online website known to man that I can't even tell you what I ordered. I am the queen of looking for promotional codes, deferred billing, and free shipping deals. I owe so much on credit cards, I could cry. Mark, you're not reading this, are you?
Well, most of it is Christmas gifts. Notice I say 'most'.
But the good news is, I'm almost done. Almost . . .

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Happy 60th, Daddy!

Today would have been my Dad's 60th birthday. See him here on the left as a small boy. I just want to kiss the picture on my computer monitor. How cute is he?

My mom likes to have us think of what he must be doing up in heaven. Sleeping late (he loved that), having a drink, watching a ball game. The only thing that's missing is us. But not really.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

See that little red fella hanging out of the olive?

Emma was eating a stuffed olive yesterday and commented how she doesn't like the 'little red slimy thing' in the olive. I said 'that's called a pimento'. She says 'well, I don't want my puppy-toe'.
That's what it should be called. Puppy-toe. Maybe if the puppy was in a horrible accident.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Shrinking Family

Here's Category 5 John M. and his Paw-Paw PJ (Mark's dad). Are they a cute couple?

This picture, combined with the holiday season, has started me thinking about how our family is shrinking. Mostly on my side, I guess, not Mark's. Mark's brother just got married so I guess his family actually grew instead. (Hi Emily, we love ya!).

In the past 3 years, my family has had many losses. My dad a year and a half ago, my paternal grandmother almost 2 years ago, and my maternal grandmother the year before. Our family has always been small anyway (my dad was an only child and my mom only has one brother who lives up in Washington). I have only 2 first cousins who also live up in Washington. So, holidays were usually spent with the 7 of us. My three grandparents (my maternal grandfather died when I was only 7), my parents, my sister and myself. It was always great though. We shared a closeness among the 7 of us that I think many larger families miss out on somewhat. We each had our place at my parent's dining room table and we could all eat together at the same time. It was nice.

As I'm writing this, I'm thinking, okay, Renee, we didn't shrink, we EXPANDED. Now, with my sister's family of 6, mine of 5, and my mom and grandfather, we have 13. But, it still feels like we've gotten smaller. I guess because I feel so much that the three people that we lost should be here. Especially my dad, he was young and he should still be with us. Sitting with us at the dinner table. Holding his namesake, Category 5, on his lap.

But I didn't mean for this post to be a downer, and now it is. So, I'm going to count my blessings . . Mark, Anna, Emma, John M., Adele, Kelli, and so on and so on. I AM indeed blessed and sometimes writing these posts is just what I need to realize that.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Morning confirmation that I'm still in Louisiana

Mark (on the phone to co-worker): Hey Paige, where y'at?

Y'at = you at

We know it's supposed to be 'Where are you?'.
And no, we're not uneducated hicks as normally portrayed on TV and movies.
We're just embracing our Cajun heritage. You see?

It's just kinda rolls off the tongue. Try it, 'Hey, where y'at?'

Friday, December 09, 2005

Happy Birthday, Emma!

Emma's birthday is today. Another baby girl growing up way too fast. She's been looking at me with those huge blue eyes for 8 years (and yes, she's had me wrapped all along, just like her brother) and getting her way, against my will.

Em, you are so much like me, it scares me sometimes. Thank you for being so silly and cracking me up on a daily basis. Your sense of humor is way beyond your years and sometimes I wonder where you come up with the things that you do. Your memory is like one I've never experienced. You remember EVERYTHING and you serve as my memory too most days. I'm so proud of you when I see you with your brother. You are so gentle and caring with him and I know one day, you'll be a great mother to your own babies. Keep making me laugh, girl! I really don't think I could make it through a day without it.

Happy 8th Birthday, my Emmy. I love you more than you can ever know.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Before she was the cream in the oreo

Here's little mini-Emma; she was 3 in this picture. She's holding mini-Pearl, how cute are they both? Even down to the little bruised leg. She was my baby back then. Little did I know that in 4 years, she would be my 'middle'. Emma had a few Jan Brady issues about not being the youngest, nor the oldest. She liked the 'baby' position in the family. And I can't blame her; that was my family position and it was a good one.

The girls love to watch reruns of 'Full House' and there's an episode about Stephanie, the middle daughter, not wanting to be in the middle. They tell her that many of the best things in life are in the middle, the meat of a sandwich, the cream in the oreo, etc. I reminded Em of this and I think it helped . . a little. I still have to remind her sometimes how lucky she is to have a taste of both worlds. Being an older sister, and a younger one, all at the same time.

So, she was the chocolate back then in 2000, but now she's my cream.

And she's going to be 8 years old tomorrow. As I always say, how did THAT happen?

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Master Photographer

Check out the egret on the left. At least, I think it's an egret.
Anyway, I took this photo at the zoo Saturday and I think it actually came out pretty good. It's somewhat centered, not too blurry, no fingers in the shot, no kids body parts obscuring the bird. Right? Right.

Anyway, as you've probably guessed, not much to post about today so I'm giving you the bird.

(Happy Birthday to my best buddy, Alison! Hope you have a good one, Al. Your age has finally caught up with my bra size.) ;^)

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

The best entertainment after 'Wife Swap' ends

Something about a little nude baby booty never gets old. I could just sit there and watch it for hours. And knead it like dough.

That's all I have to say about that.

Monday, December 05, 2005

The Santa dilemma

I'm looking for advice. On the Santa situation. As you know, my oldest just turned 10 years old. My middle is about to turn 8 on Friday. They're a couple of little nosy children. Wonder where they get that from?! Anna's the worst. She feels the need to know everything going on this side of the Mississippi.

Anna's been very curious these past few weeks, with her birthday and now Christmas coming. She's been snooping worse than Cindy Brady. She discovered some of her birthday presents early, no big deal. Now, she's moved on to the hunt for her Christmas gifts. If we get a package (I've ordered lots from Mr. Internet . .it's so easy!), she wants to see what's in it right away. If there's a box anywhere in a 10 mile radius, she wants to open it up. Her big brown eyes are everywhere and it's starting to tick me off.

Mark had moved a box of Christmas things (one being a 'Santa' gift) into our office/junk room. The Santa gift was in sight and guess who saw it? She then proceeded to show Emma, who isn't naturally as nosy as her sister. They look at me with these little grins because they think it's funny. I don't. I finally blew and said to Anna, 'OKAY, do you WANT me to tell you about something that only grown-ups know?', and she got really sheepish and left the room with a quick little 'uh-uh'.

See, the thing is, I think she knows the truth, but doesn't want to have it in writing, so to speak. Because then the party would be over. She couldn't even pretend to believe anymore. Of course, I want her to believe and really hesitate to tell her, because you know, she's my first baby. A 10-year old baby, but hey. .

I'm lazy and the hiding and plotting and planning is getting to me. I'm not getting any younger, you know. This was much easier when I had just little kids, but these big, older, smart, James Bond types are hard to fool. What do y'all think? Should I tell Anna? What about Emma? What have y'all done or plan on doing?

Ho Ho Ho.

Bah Humbug.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Zoo Day

It was another Louisiana winter day here Saturday. Close to 80 degrees and breezy, so we decided to meet up with some friends and go to the Baton Rouge Zoo. Here's some pics from the playground there, where John M. had a great time. This was the first time he actually LOOKED at the animals and seemed interested. We had a good time and it was nice to spend some time with Joy, Frances, and Owen before they move back to New Orleans.
We're headed to a cookie swap in a minute to um . . swap cookies, I guess. Can you stand the excitement? I bet not.
Peace out.

Friday, December 02, 2005

The highpoint of my day . .

okay, maybe the highpoint of my week. The month . . the year?
When I picked John M. up yesterday from the babysitter's, he reached his little chubby arms up to me, as he does most days. When I scooped him up, he wrapped said arms around my neck, touched me ever so gently with his fat little baby fingers on my neck. And then leaned his little golden head against mine. For about 3 or 4 seconds. A hug! Initiated by him! I melted right there. He could have done absolutely anything right then and gotten away with it.

He's a little hurricane, a troublemaker, he breaks all of my things, and he's spoiled beyond belief. But, he's a keeper. He SO has me wrapped.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Anna and Emily

Anna approached me night before last and said this to me, "Mom, remember how you asked what we wanted for Christmas? I want an anthology of poems."

After I came to and got off of the floor, I said, "You DO?". She told me that her poetry teacher (a local poet who had volunteered to teach the kids poetry for 6 weeks) had told them about anthologies and she was interested in reading one. She has talked about the poetry class many times in the past few weeks and I could tell it was something that really caught her attention from the get-go.

She has a specific interest in Emily Dickinson. After asking for the poetry book, she gave me a pretty comprehensive background of Emily Dickinson that she had learned in her class. Anna spoke about it with such enthusiasm and genuine interest, that I knew this was something that had somehow struck a chord in her. She read me poems that she had written in class, including one about my Dad's shirt (a shirt that she kept to remember the smell of my Dad). It touched me so much that I started to cry. I felt so much pride, listening to her talk the poetry and her interpretations of that the words meant. At times like this, I'm so overcome with love and pride, I feel like I may blow. All you parents out there know exactly what I mean.

I hope her interest in poetry and writing sticks with her. I'll do what I can to lend to this interest. In the mean time, I'll just sit here about to burst with pride and try not to smother her with hugs and kisses every minute.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Stalking myself

I'm convinced that out of my 546 profile views since starting this blog, 539 of them have been me, checking the count.

'If I have to see any more photos of those kids . . '

'I'm going to scream . . or shoot myself in the face.' Is that what you're saying? Well, sorry, but here they are. I took some pictures, hoping one would be good for the Christmas card. I did indeed choose one, although I forget which one. It was last minute and I was desperate. But with kids, you can't lose; they always look cute, right? I hope so.

Hmmm, it's been a while since I've posted. Got lost in the Thanksgiving Holiday - 4 1/2 days off in a row. WOW! Let's see, we brought the kids to see 'Yours, Mine, and Ours' last week. Really cute movie. I find myself crying at EVERY movie these days. Hormones? Aunt Flo? A little of both, I don't know, but it happened again.

What else? Thanksgiving with my family. We actually had spaghetti as part of our Thanksgiving feast! That was a first for me. But spaghetti is always a good idea, so I'm not knocking it.

Friday, I actually got up at 4 a.m. to go to the Black Friday sale at our local Wal-Mart (do I mention Wal-Mart often? I should because we go there way too often, being as it's the only place to shop here in this itty-bitty town). I'd officially lost what was left of my mind. Standing in the cold with hundreds of other crazy people, waiting to get our hands on cheap electronics. Sad you couldn't join me? My mom and I then continued the madness by taking Anna and John shopping at the mall while Mark and Emma went to cheer LSU on. Go Tigers! We managed to misplace John only once. A little panicking, until we realized that no one would take John M. for more than 2 minutes, without promptly returning him to his rightful owner. They would move on to a calmer little tot.

Yesterday, we took the girls ice skating again. I don't know if you'd call what I do 'skating'. It's more like a drunken Ozzy Osborne shuffle. I fell only once, but couldn't get up. At all. I mean, I was beached. I just kept thinking of that commercial from years ago 'I've fallen and I can't get up!'. I was saved by a bevy of teenage girls who took pity on me. Not embarrassing at all. No.

It's been a long 4 days, but a good time. I forgot to actually count my blessings on Thanksgiving, but I'll do it now. Silently. So y'all don't have to hear it. Again. I'm counting . . this may take a while.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Happy Birthday, Anna!

Today my oldest is 10. I still can't believe it. I really can't. I still think of her as a little girl. I wonder if that will ever go away.

Happy Birthday, my girl. You are a carbon copy of your daddy and unlike me in so many different ways (except worrying . . we're just alike there). You're a natural leader, patient, athletic and musically-inclined. All things that I am definitely not. You're also kind, caring, funny, and smart. I hope I had a little part in creating these parts of you. I'm so proud of you, I could never express just how much.

Monday, November 21, 2005

Has it been 5 days since I've blogged!?

I swear, it seems like I just posted something yesterday, but I guess it's been a while. It's been crazy around here with Emma's First Penance Thursday evening, and then Anna's birthday sleepover party Saturday night. Why, oh why, didn't anyone stop me from doing that? Thirteen 9 and 10-year old girls, 5 that were up until 4:00 a.m. Lots of screaming, shrieking and high-pitched everything. One mom trying really hard to be 'cool', but finally screaming at 4:00 . . 'Everybody SHUT UP and go to sleep!' and slamming the bedroom door as hard as she could. I didn't hear anything after that. As my mom said yesterday, 'You should never do this again', speaking about having a slumber party and inviting too many girls. Amen to that.

Here are some pictures from the party, a little karaoke, a little beauty shoppin', a little cake and just some plain cuteness. Anna is going to be 10 tomorrow. Double digits. Eight years from adulthood.

How did that happen?

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Am I a crabby bitch?

Don't say 'yes' to that yet.

I'm at Wal-Mart on my lunch break and it's taking longer than it should. I finally get all of my stuff together and get in line. Each and every check-out line has enough people in it to choke a chicken. I pick the shortest one I can find, not realizing that the lady in front of me (who only has one visible child with her) must have about 36 others at her house. She had enough meat and other food items to feed the Duggar family two times over.

So, I'm waiting and waiting. Not TOO unhappily at this point because I noticed this week's issue of People magazine had my man Kenny Chesney staring at me, so I took a peek.

Anyway, waiting, waiting. . . and this older man gets in line behind me. If I'M stupid enough to get behind Mrs. Duggar, he's twice as stupid to get behind Mrs. Duggar AND an impatient, crabby Kenny Chesney-loving lady with lots of groceries. He has one item, a pack of socks. Count it, one. I guess none of the express lines were open because poor Mr. One-Pack-Of-Socks had to wait behind us.

He kept looking at my buggy-full-o-crap and then at his sad little pack of socks, as if to say, 'Can you give a fella a break and let me go ahead of you?'. Mrs. Duggar was still up to bat at this point. Normally I would have done just that. But today I was in a hurry and I really had to get back to work and I just didn't want to wait for someone ELSE to go ahead of me.

After about 5 minutes, he says 'Excuse me, miss, would you mind if I go ahead? I just have this one thing (holds up the one-pack-o-socks to prove his point) and then I'll be out of your way'. My immediate thought is 'Buddy, you were never in my way because you were BEHIND me'.
But I'm a pushover and I let him go ahead of me. Thank goodness he was 'debit-card-machine-savvy' and made a pretty quick transaction. He, then, turns to me and says 'Thank you, young lady, for letting me go ahead of you'.

All was forgiven because he called me 'YOUNG lady!'. I almost kissed his feet dead on the spot.

(So, would you have let him go?)

Has anyone ever done this?

It's a water balloon fight machine! The girls did it in Austin this past summer. Doesn't it look fun?

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

I didn't like today . . can I have a do-over?

The baby is sick, with some kind of stomach virus and has been for 2 days now. Emma has the same thing. Lots of vomiting and pooping. What a great time, eh? I had a crappy day at work; people getting on my nerves every which way. I have a million things to do and not enough time to do them. I'm hoping that Anna doesn't get this virus and not be able to have her birthday party this weekend. My lips are chapped. My pants are too tight. And I have bad breath.

I'll try again tomorrow . . . if I can't have a do-over.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Too much Christmas!

Behold, Anna surrounded by Christmas crap . . I mean, presents from last year. You know those people that contribute to the over-commercialism of the Christmas season? I'm sad to admit I'm one of them. Too many gifts, too many toys, too much crap! Observe my Christmas list for this year (I keep it in a Word document, aren't I techno-savvy?!)

Mom - ??? (I had to take this out for my blog entry (she reads it!) - RECEIVED
Alison - This too! - RECEIVED
NAnnan - Name Bucket - RECEIVED
Charla - Purse - REC'D
Loretta - Photo Book - REC'D
Marti - Purse - REC'D
Susan - Purse - REC'D
Anna K. - Shoes - REC'D
Lauren - Shoes - REC'D
Hannah - Purse - REC'D
John Alan - Sea Set - REC'D
Erin - Photo Book - REC'D
Joyce - Purse - REC'D
Robyn - purse - RECEIVED
Ida - Wall Sconce - RECEIVED
Kelli - Jacket - RECEIVED
Martha - purse - REC'D
Matthew - Sea Set - RECEIVED
Steve - Moe's GC RECEIVED
Tracy - Took this out - she might read this! RECEIVED
Melissa - Took this out - she might read this! RECEIVED
Erica - Took this out -she might read this! RECEIVED
Charles Ray - Shirt RECEIVED
Hawk - Shirt, 2 Boxers - RECEIVED
Mark - Fleece pullover, 2 shirts Â- RECEIVED
Beki - Took this out - she might read this! - ORDERED
Krystal - Took this out - she might read this! - ORDERED
Laurie - Took this out - she might read this! - ORDERED
Homie - Arby's GC - ORDERED
Vernon - Took this out - he might read this! ORDERED
Cindy -Took this out - she might read this! ORDERED
Wesley - Chilis GC ORDERED
Jenna - Dora People Set, Dora Boombox ORDERED
Katie - DreamLife Game ORDERED

Andrew -
John -
Brett - GC
Sam & Mike -
Keith & Emily -
PJ/Diane -
Anna -
Emma -

John M. -

That's 42 people, if I counted right. I really don't include many extras, just my family (which unfortunately consists of many children), godparents of my children, a few friends, a few of the girls friends, teachers, . . okay well maybe I lied about the extras. Anyway, that's just the way it is. I don't want to leave anyone out, right? Right. And I can't lie, I love to receive gifts just as much (if not more ;^) than I like to give them. Mentally, I never made it past age 7. Sometimes I order the girls things . . um, I mean Santa does, that I want to play with. Who cares if they'll enjoy it?
So, the malls love me, the credit card companies love me, but my checking account is not pretty.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Hot as Hades . . and I love it!

Today Iso T-Stormshi 82°F - lo 62°F
TomorrowP M T-Stormshi 82°F - lo 62°F
This is today and tomorrow's forecasts for my part of the world. I know, most of you are thinking that is crazy hot for the middle of November. But I LOVE it! I cannot stand cold weather . . at all. The only time I like snow is when I'm visiting it and can choose to leave it. Or maybe the one time every 2 or 3 years that is snows here and I have to run out and snap a picture of it before it melts in 10 minutes. Weird . . maybe, but that's why I live down south.
Today we spent a lot of time outdoors. . . played in the yard a while, went to a birthday party at the local park and the kids had a chance to play on the playground a while. Then back home for more backyard playing and an LSU game barbecue. I could take weather like this all winter long and love it!
No snow men for me . . maybe just sweat men. Ugh.

Friday, November 11, 2005

You gotta love a 3 day weekend!

I had today off. Hooray, hooray . . for Veteran's Day! It was a good day . . some time with the boy, lots of time with the girls and an afternoon at the movies with my mom. We took the girls to see 'Dreamer', which was absolutely fantastic! If you have a chance to see it, do. I thought it was a 'kids' movie, but it's great for adults too. Dakota Fanning is amazing and Kurt Russell is really good too. I cried about 4 different times during the run of the movie and my girls were looking at me as if I'd lost my mind. Anna kept trying to console me. :)
My mom treated us to Piccadilly, which is the girls' favorite! And yesterday, I had a great lunch at The Chimes (which is a really good restaurant right next door to the LSU campus, if you're ever in Baton Rouge, give it a try) with my friend Jolie. She's in from NYC and I love to spend time with her. She's a New Orleanean originally and she came down to check out the status of the city. I still haven't been down there but she said most parts are really depressing and she can't imagine how long it'll take to rebuild. She talked about entire city blocks piled up with debris 3 stories high. The air downtown still contains toxins that made her eyes burn. But she said uptown by the Quarter is much better and is somewhat lively. I'm planning on going down the weekend after Thanksgiving when the Audubon Zoo opens again. I'll fill y'all in then on the my adventures. Well, I have to go catch up with you blog buddies . . Peace out.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005


I picked up a Cranium Whoonu? game for Anna's birthday present at Target today. We have Cranium Cadoo and we all love it. So simple and basic, but at the same time, lots of fun. Whoonu? is great also. We were supposed to save it for her actual birthday, but we tore it open tonight and all played . . about 7 times. It's great to play with people that you know well, because it's basically guessing their favorite things from choices on cards. Things like 'gardening', 'little dogs', 'game shows', 'sushi', etc. Whoever guesses the most correctly wins! Mark lucked out tonight when he pulled 'french fries' and 'game shows' on the same turn for me! Two of my favorite things in the universe; I'm convinced he somehow cheated on that one! Anyway, if you don't have any yet, go out and get a Cranium game. They're so much fun! (I know I sound like an ad for Cranium, but unfortunately, I get no compensation for my input :( )

Kenny Chesney's in my car!

I picked up Kenny Chesney's new CD at Target today. Listened to it all the way back home. There's something about his voice that makes me hot. Did I say 'hot', I meant 'happy'. The CD has a good mix of slow and upbeat songs. I plan to listen to it every day for weeks until I have all of the songs committed to memory. I also plan to stare at the picture on the back of the CD box for days on end!

Monday, November 07, 2005

Only he can get away with it

There's something about babies, huh? Well, your own baby. Today, John M. had his second flu shot and on the way home, he was a little cranky. It's a long ride back from Baton Rouge, with traffic, close to an hour. He was whiney and just generally not a happy camper. My mom had brought him to B.R. to meet me and had packed 3 'noopies' (that's a pacifier to you non-noopie-sayers) and 2 bottles of milk. John's 2 favorite things in the world. I gave him one noopie. Boom, on the floor it went. 1 bottle. Splat, on the floor it went. Second noopie. Whee . . across the car. Intentionally. That 'Uh-OH'! said by John didn't fool me. Second bottle dripped across his forehead and nose. I'm really pretty irritated by this time. Third and final noopie. Last chance for any peace and quiet. I'm saying a silent prayer that this works. I'm really, really annoyed by now. I turn around and he gives me his 'smiling' eyes and his little grin that I can only see the corners of, because the noopie blocks the rest. Those smiling eyes make me light up inside. That little sucker, he could scream and cry the whole way back and that one smile had me. That's not fair. But that's the way it is.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

My Cowgirls

Pictures from Friday night - we took the girls to the rodeo.
All I can say is they got a little of Daddy's genes here, when it comes to being 'farm folks'. They had a great time and John M. enjoyed going up and down the steps to the bleachers about 500 times.

P.S. Can you believe these are the same two girls pictured 2 posts below only 4 years ago?

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Get a Life

Does ANYONE on this earth blog on Saturday nights? My statcounter says 'no'. Am I the only one doing this? Am I the only one without anything better to do? I need to . . (see the title).
I'm going to bed.

No child should grow this much in 10 months

December 2004

October 2005

I know, I know. They all do, but it's amazing isn't it? Notice how calm and still his is in picture 1. Dangling dangerously atop my bathroom counter, disobeying every last instruction on the bouncy seat he sits in. Bad mother!
The calmness and stillness is gone, never to return again, I believe. But the cuteness remains.

Friday, November 04, 2005

Memories . . Spring 2001

I love this picture. Anna was 5, Emma was 3, my house was clean and new. There was no cat hair anywhere, because Pearl was still up in cat heaven waiting to be born into this world. Only to shed 15 lbs of fur daily in this once clean house.
on the other hand. This was also a time of endless temper tantrums. Having to pick out a different outfit for Emma to wear every day because there wasn't the luxury of uniforms yet (and this is no easy task with a fashion-loving drama queen on your hands). And lots of Mark traveling and me on my own. And no John M.
Okay, I'll choose now over then.
But they sure were cute, huh?

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Remember?. .I love lists

Christa posted this on her site, and I thought it was interesting to read and I can't resist a list so here goes. You're supposed to BOLD the ones you've done.:

smoked a cigarette

crashed a friend's car

stolen a car

been in love

been dumped

shoplifted- I stole a band-aid from the LSU Bookstore in junior high at 4-H Short Course. I know, I'm such a bad-ass.

been fired

been in a fist fight

snuck out of your parent's house

had feelings for someone who didn't have them back

gone on a blind date

lied to a friend

skipped school - My mom, who was always way cool, used to let my sister and I skip school and we'd all go to the mall!

seen someone die

had a crush on one of your internet friends

been to Canada

been to Mexico

been on a plane

purposely set a part of yourself on fire - uhhh, no . .

eaten sushi - and have absolutely no desire to

been jet-skiing - way too many times to count

met someone in person from the internet - no, but I'd like to meet y'all!

been moshing at a concert

taken pain killers

loved and missed someone - Every day.

made a snow angel

had a tea party - how could I not with 2 daughters?

flown a kite

built a sand castle

gone puddle jumping - You gotta love a puddle!

jumped in a pile of leaves

gone sledding - Okay, I don't know if this counts, but remember, I live in South Louisiana. One time, we went to the old Governor's mansion that has a huge hill and there was a snow machine . . so it was actual snow, just not snow from the heavens, and I went downhill on a cardboard box. I know, pitiful, but the closest I ever came . .

cheated while playing a game

been lonely - I'm a little lonely right now. :(

fallen asleep at work or school - 1 word . . pregnancy!

used a fake id - 1 acronym . . LSU!

watched a sunset

felt an earthquake

touched a snake

slept beneath the stars

been robbed

been misunderstood

petted a reindeer/goat

won a contest

run a red light/stop sign - yesterday!

been suspended from school

been in a car accident

eaten a whole pint of ice cream in one night

had deja vu- all the time!

danced in the moonlight

liked the way you looked at least at one point in time

witnessed a crime

been obsessed with post-it notes

squished barefoot through the mud

been lost - All the damn time! My kids EXPECT it when we go somewhere.

been on the opposite side of the country

swam in the ocean - even been stung by a jellyfish!

cried yourself to sleep

played cops and robbers

recently colored with crayons - One of my favorites!

sung karaoke - Only in the privacy of my own home!

paid for a meal with only coins

done something you told yourself you wouldn't

made prank phone calls - when you live in a really small town and have sleepovers, what else is there to do really?

laughed until some kinda beverage came out of your nose

caught a snow flake on your tongue

written a letter to Santa Claus

been kissed under the mistletoe by your boy/girlfriend

blown bubbles

made a bonfire on the beach

laughed so hard you pee your pants

cheated on a test - I've noticed while doing this that I'm a cheater!

been kissed by someone you didn't like - ugh, and I don't want to relive the gory details!

gone skinny dipping in a pool

Now, it's your turn!

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Anna's almost 10 . .

and I need to start planning that child's birthday party. I've told the girls that once that hit the double digits, the big parties with lots of friends stop and the smaller gatherings commence ( read: I've shelled out enough money for 9 years, give me a break now). So, Anna has decided to have a 'sleepover' party with 10 friends. I know, not small enough, but smallER nonetheless. We're going to have it on the 19th of this month and my question to anyone out there that may have ideas is:

What activities can we have at the party? Outdoor activities may not happen because the weather may be bad (cold, rainy, etc). I've already thought of Karaoke, a Limbo contest and board games. Can you bloggers think of anything else? Any ideas are appreciated.

What did you girls do at slumber parties growing up that was fun?