Friday, July 31, 2009


Throughout Mark's entire sickness, one of my biggest concerns was that my children would be overwhelmed with unhappiness and worry. That they would always remember the Summer of 2009 (and possibly the whole year(s)) as a bad one; one that they would like to forget. I wanted so badly to protect them for the hurt.

So, I worked hard to keep them busy. Not so much with summer camps, as we've usually done in the past, but with activities that were new to them. And others that were familiar. We all went to the Angola Rodeo in the spring, and hiking at Tunica Hills. Jazzfest was a first in May, and we even got to meet Sugarland, one of their favorites. We took John to Orlando to see Mickey Mouse, and the girls were dying to see Uncle Keithy and Aunt Emily. We made a couple of stops at the beach too. Every time, I would see that look of pure joy on their faces (you know the one I mean), I figured that would remember this summer a little more fondly. I saw it while waiting for 'It's a Small World' and when they all got balloons on Main Street at Disney. I saw it when John saw his first waterfall at Tunica Hills and in the ocean the first day in Florida. He looked at me, and said 'Mom, this is beautiful, right?', while looking at the waves come in. All I could think of was that it wasn't nearly as beautiful as he was, as he asked me the question.

I hope Anna, Emma, and John do remember this time in their lives with a little bit of happiness, and know that we all came through it together.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


This spring and summer, John M. has turned into a little fisherman. Well, for about 10 or 15 minutes per fishing trip. He'll talk about an upcoming fishing trip every day for a week, and he'll be bursting with excitement when it's time to go. The pole is in the water for about 5 minutes, and he's 'bored' and wants someone else to man his Spiderman rod.

Mark said every fish he (as in almost 40-year-old Mark) caught last Saturday was on the Spiderman pole. What I think John likes about fishing is the one-on-one time he has with his Dad, or sometimes his Paw-Paw or Mike. He has to get tired of shopping with the three girls in his family, and wants to get a little dirty.

I look forward to him having more guy time with the men in his life. It's something he's missed out on lately, and I've learned he really needs. He already knows more about fishing than his mama. Maybe he'll take over soon as the one to bait my hook and remove the fish. As I've said before, I can't fish alone because all I do is pretty much 'man the pole'.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Back Into the Boring

I'm heading (hopefully) back into the boring life that I always took for granted. After the past 7 months, boring is what I want. Kids at school. Mark and I at work. Trying to balance it all. I never thought that was just what I wanted, or needed, but I've missed it.

Part of going back into 'real life' is trying to start up blogging again. It's something that I enjoyed when I started, and I want to try to keep it up, a little, at least. It doesn't matter if no one is reading it, I'll just do it for me.