Thursday, July 10, 2008

John's Wish

You know that big, blue octopus? Oswald.
We were watching that last night; Oswald had a wish coming to him so he was consulting all of his animal friends on what his wish should be and what they
would wish for.

John M. looks at me with this 'duh' expression on his face and says 'Well, I'd
wish for a big, big, big slip and slide that went all the way to the sky'. He
seemed to be thinking 'Why does Oswald even have to think about it? Doesn't
everyone want one of those?!'.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Vacation.Over.Big Frown

We made it back from San Antonio a few days ago. So, my first vacation without Mark, and with all 3 kids went better than expected. Except for long, hyper John-nights in the hotel room. He left with a skinned up knee, busted lip, and a foot bo-bo also. Boys, huh?

The girls loved the virgin daiquiris by the pool and all of the kids loved the S'mores on the fire pits at the hotel.

I'm ready to go back again. Is that wrong?