Friday, March 30, 2007

Grateful Friday Part 3

1.) The great warm weather we've had all week. And really pretty skies (I need to take some
pictures to share with everyone).

2.) My new refrigerator we decided to get last weekend! Who would have thought an appliance could make me so happy?

3.) This little foal shown above (and a calf) that was born this week on Mark's farm. These babies make my 'babies' so happy.

4.) Cheap espadrilles from Chadwicks (go check it out).

5.) John M. being (for the most part) potty-trained, thanks in large, large, supersize, biggie part to Mrs. Sam. No more poopie diapers, hooray, hooray!

6.) A weekend of fun activities planned with the kids.

7.) The Easter holiday being just around the corner.
I hope y'all have a great weekend! Peace out.

Friday, March 23, 2007


Is it summer yet? Down here, it's been mighty darn close. Temps in the lower 80s and humidity cubed.

Just in time for Emma's latest St. Vincent De Paul's purchase, popsicle molds! The kids each made one, lemonade for Anna, O.J., for John M. and Sunny D. for Emma. They broke them out yesterday and licked them to death.

I can still remember freezing Hawaiian Punch in ice cube trays as a kid, and it was just like heaven. On a stick.
(I realize these popsicles are a little phallic, but hey . . .)

Monday, March 19, 2007

St. Patrick's on St. Charles

We spent Saturday in New Orleans b/c Mark was in the St. Patty's Parade there. No longer a float-riding virgin (although I still am).

Friday, March 16, 2007

Thinking about John . . .

It's after 11 pm and I'm still up.

Just wanted to jot down some Johnisms while I have them on the brain.

He hasn't been eating this week, and it's worrying me. I told him yesterday that if he wanted to grow bigger, he'd have to eat. He said 'But I'm a BIG boy, Mom'. I told him he needed to get bigger so he could go to school and ride the bus with his sisters. He loves the bus.
So, today, he wouldn't eat again and I told him, "John, you need to eat something. Remember why?".
He looks at me with his big, round eyes and said "So, I ride the bus!".
Okay, yeah.

He told me he loved me tonight. I said 'How much?'. He said 2-5. Which is like the biggest number he can think of. Usually.
So, Emma asks him how much he loves her. 2-7! I swear, he never said 'seven' before. No fair. Emma wins.

One of his new favorite sayings is 'I din't mean to'. He knocked me in the lip with his head when I was holding him earlier tonight, and I jumped back and put my hand on my lip b/c it hurt like hell, and he said 'Mama, I din't mean to.', all sad and everything. Then he gently put his little baby lips on mine and gave me the sweetest kiss.
That boy can work it.

I've been saying it since the beginning of his life.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Friends Forever . . . well, almost

Yesterday, when I got home, Emma was tucked away in a back room we have. Mark calls it his 'office', I call it his 'junk room', or 'the room full o' crap'. Anyway, that's where our computer is.

Emma yells out, 'Mom, how do you spell 'swear'? I tell her.

Next, 'Hey, how do you spell 'solemnly'?'

'Did you just say 'solemnly'?

'Yeah, I'm typing something'. Okay, I tell her.

Me: 'So, what are you typing?'

Her: 'An agreement'.

Okay, I'm really interested now. She tells me she's typing a 'best friend agreement' with her friend, Kellie and she reads it to me. It goes something like this, "I, Emma, solemnly swear, to be best friends with Kellie until 9th grade. This is a secret. If you tell anyone, you are out of the club."

I asked 'What happens after ninth grade?'. She says, 'Well, Mom, by ninth grade, you're almost to college, and you may go to different colleges, so you can't be best friends anymore. But maybe you will be'.

I love her so much.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Oh no, not two of them . . .

When I looked at this picture from last weekend, I saw it for the first time . . . what I talked about last year here. Do you see it? Emma looking not so much like a little girl, but more like a 'tween'. Say you don't see it. Because if it's happening, I don't know if I can handle two of them!
How did my mom do it?

Monday, March 12, 2007


and my personal favorite, Emma 'peeing' with the hose. So classy like her mama.

The Missing Toothed John

I can't seem to get a good close-up picture of John M. with his missing tooth. So, here's the best I have. This picture was actually taken by Anna. Can you see it?

Friday, March 09, 2007

Grateful Friday Part 2

Today, I'm thankful for

1.) These kids.

2.) Benny's $3 car wash.

3.) My babysitter, Sam, who is so good to me and my children.

4.) Louisiana weather in March. It's been so pretty here.

5.) Hand-me-downs.

6.) Tax refunds.

7.) Seeing Mark scoop Emma up and hold her like she was 2 when she ran to him in the parking lot yesterday.

8.) Old Barney tapes (at the low, low price of 50 cents) that occupy John M. so I can catch up on cleaning.

9.) Piccadilly with my mom yesterday.

10.) Getting free tickets to see my man Kenny in May!!

Friday, March 02, 2007

Grateful Friday

1.) Mr. Sandman up there finally getting a chance to enjoy his sandbox from Santa.

2.) Seeing him with his little one tooth, one gap smile since having his tooth pulled Monday. And kinda liking it better than his original 2-tooth smile. (photos to come)

3.) A fun lunch with my friends today and having my first burrito in a bowl.

4.) Seeing Anna in her new glasses. She's so cute with them. (photo to come on this too)

5.) Emma learning her '4 times' tables this week, and calling out 'Sweet 16!' every time we come to 4 times 4.

6.) The 5 of us all getting to watch TV in the living room last night piled together.

7.) A taste of summertime, weather-wise and summer camp planning-wise too.

8.) A weekend with nothing planned.