Friday, March 16, 2007

Thinking about John . . .

It's after 11 pm and I'm still up.

Just wanted to jot down some Johnisms while I have them on the brain.

He hasn't been eating this week, and it's worrying me. I told him yesterday that if he wanted to grow bigger, he'd have to eat. He said 'But I'm a BIG boy, Mom'. I told him he needed to get bigger so he could go to school and ride the bus with his sisters. He loves the bus.
So, today, he wouldn't eat again and I told him, "John, you need to eat something. Remember why?".
He looks at me with his big, round eyes and said "So, I ride the bus!".
Okay, yeah.

He told me he loved me tonight. I said 'How much?'. He said 2-5. Which is like the biggest number he can think of. Usually.
So, Emma asks him how much he loves her. 2-7! I swear, he never said 'seven' before. No fair. Emma wins.

One of his new favorite sayings is 'I din't mean to'. He knocked me in the lip with his head when I was holding him earlier tonight, and I jumped back and put my hand on my lip b/c it hurt like hell, and he said 'Mama, I din't mean to.', all sad and everything. Then he gently put his little baby lips on mine and gave me the sweetest kiss.
That boy can work it.

I've been saying it since the beginning of his life.


Anonymous said...

Such a sweet boy. And don't worry momma he will eat when he is hungry.

Laurie said...

Little boys just know how to push all of our buttons, don't they? The good ones and the bad ones! Anthony went through a stage where he wouldn't eat...that was right before he began eating everything in sight because he hit a growth spurt. Maybe get the next size shoes ready???

Sweet, sweet little favorite!

martie said...

I love your posts about JohnM or any of the kids for that matter.....glimpses into your life are fun! Thanks for sharing this stuff with us!

Greta said...

i wish i had started blogging long ago so i could have kept up with all this for will be so glad you have all this

chesneygirl said...

I have to beg and fight with Adam to eat too. It worries me also.

JohnM sounds like a little sweetheart! :)

Anonymous said...

This is one charming,smart, and completely captivating little being. June resides in his heart,and in his winning personality. You do know June had us "wrapped", too?
I love that kid!