Monday, August 10, 2009

The 1st day of Pre-K, John M. version 1.0

by John M.

1.) They made us go to the bathroom, like 1 million times.

2.) We had 'mooncakes' for snack. I didn't eat 'em.

3.) I didn't pee all day. I didn't have to pee. (About 5 minutes later, guess what he asked me? You got it.)

4.) Me: Did you play on the playground?
Him: Not much times.
Me: Oh, how many?
Him: Just like 3. (I'm not sure how many times would have been 'much', maybe 10 or more).

Overall, I think he had a good first day. You never can tell with him because sometimes he's a little walking ball of negativity. Still, gotta love him. Here's to a good year!