Thursday, February 05, 2009

Grace in Small Things, Part II

1.) Okay, the first is a big thing! Mark's PET Scan came back clear, which means the cancer has not spread to any vital organs!

2.) John's cute haircut today, that makes him look like a miniature man.

3.) So many special emails from friends that make me know that I am loved. I have truly come to believe that I could not make it without my friends.

It was a GREAT day today, for many reasons. Thanks to everyone who made it that way.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Grace In Small Things

I'm taking the lead from Jess and Chantal and joining in with this little project called 'Grace In Small Things'.

Please leave a comment and let me know if you found grace in something small today.

1.) A lunch spent laughing with friends.
2.) Mark sharing a little bit of good news with me on the phone.
3.) An email from my sister, reminding me that we're not polar opposites.
4.) A message from my cousin to say that we're in her prayers.
5.) Sunshine for most of the day! (this helps b/c I've been friggin' cold way too much lately!)

Stepping Up to the Plate

I'm not the type of the person who just drifts through life, not wondering all the horrible 'What If's?'.

-What if someone I love gets into a horrible car accident?
-What if one of my kids gets sick?
-What if I find out I have some dreaded disease?
etc., etc.

Sometimes, I think about these things far too often than the 'average' person should.

I was shocked none the less to find out last week that Mark has cancer. If anyone should have seen a big, bad thing coming, it should have been me, right? But I really didn't. We're not sure exactly what type yet, but we're pretty sure it's cancer of the throat.

He's dealing with it amazingly well. Me, on the other hand . . .
I really thought I was strong, but now I'm feeling not so much. It's so much up and down, I feel a little insane.

Good has been coming out of it though. I hope it comes out all good in the end. Please keep us in your thoughts. We're having to step up to the plate.