Thursday, December 09, 2010


We just signed John M. up for basketball this winter. It's the first year they've offered it since he's been playing age. I'm so excited to watch him. He's only played with his cousins, Andrew and Big John, in the past, but they are great players. And good teachers for him.

My dad was a great basketball player, and coach for many years. Mark's dad played too. Mark's not so bad himself, so I'm hoping those 'hooping' genes kick in for John M. It's a sport I love to watch and it gets me excited like no other sport does. I can remember going to all the games when my dad was coaching and getting caught up in the spirit and excitement in the gym.

So, I hope 'Little John' enjoys the sport and has the love for it that 'Big John M' had and his cousin 'Big John' has for it now.

Go Hornets! Go Brusly Panthers!