Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Flying Solo

We're leaving for vacation Saturday. This is the first vacation where I've taken all of the kids without Mark. He has no earned vacation time at his new job, so it's just me and the kids. We're not going far, but I'm still a little nervous about it. Mostly, the drive and locating things. Directions are not my thing. In fact, I have absolutely NO sense of direction. Thank God for our trusty little GPS Magellan. I'm hoping he helps me out.

So, wish us luck.

Hopefully, we'll party like this cat up top!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I . . . (stolen from Cheryl)

I am: burnt out with work lately. I need a vacation (or possibly early retirement!)
I think: I need a margarita to help me feel better.
I thank: God that my family is healthy and happy.
I know: that my kids are growing up way too fast.
I wish: I could lose those 6 lbs. I just discovered I gained.
I hate: obnoxious people.
I miss: my friend, Jolie.
I feel: hungry!
I shop: online way too often. I started Xmas shopping today.
I crave: a big Ol' Timer burger from Chili's with fries and jalapenos!
I wonder where my lost pair of sandals are.
I dream: about seeing my Daddy again.
I love: my Guitar Heros on the right.
I always: eat too much.
I sing: to my Sugarland CDs in my car.
I cry: way too often.
I don't always: make my bed, wash the dishes in the morning, etc.
I write: with my left hand.
I pray: in my car on the way to work.
I lose: sandals, apparently.
I listen: to my girls' music because they make me!
I am scared: of the dark.
I dance: like a spastic chicken.
I need: hugs from my kids.
I dread: the dentist.
I anticipate: summer vacation!
I laugh: a lot. People around me crack me up.

Are you still around? If so, Wake UP! It's over now.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Lookout Summer, Here We Come!

As you probably know, SUMMER is my favorite time of year. Yes, it's steaming hot down here, but for a woman with the body temperature of a king snake, this is a good thing.

I thought I'd make a little list of things I hope the summer has in store:

- lots of days at the pool

- popsicle after popsicle

- some rainy days for splashing in puddles

- a day or two at our local water park

- oh, feasting on some Dippin' Dots at the above water park

- a nice, relaxing vacation

- another trip (or two!) to the beach

- backyard barbecues!

- some tubing on the lake for the kids (I'll watch from the boat!)

- taking the boy fishing

Here's to summer!