Monday, November 21, 2005

Has it been 5 days since I've blogged!?

I swear, it seems like I just posted something yesterday, but I guess it's been a while. It's been crazy around here with Emma's First Penance Thursday evening, and then Anna's birthday sleepover party Saturday night. Why, oh why, didn't anyone stop me from doing that? Thirteen 9 and 10-year old girls, 5 that were up until 4:00 a.m. Lots of screaming, shrieking and high-pitched everything. One mom trying really hard to be 'cool', but finally screaming at 4:00 . . 'Everybody SHUT UP and go to sleep!' and slamming the bedroom door as hard as she could. I didn't hear anything after that. As my mom said yesterday, 'You should never do this again', speaking about having a slumber party and inviting too many girls. Amen to that.

Here are some pictures from the party, a little karaoke, a little beauty shoppin', a little cake and just some plain cuteness. Anna is going to be 10 tomorrow. Double digits. Eight years from adulthood.

How did that happen?


chesneygirl said...

Oh I remember those 'pre-teen' days.....aaaah to be young again! :)

Glad you survived it!

Mary Tsao said...

I definitely remember slumber parties. 4 AM? Sounds about right. You *are* a cool mom for hosting an event like that.

Looking forward to the pics!

beki said...

You are a much braver woman than I. I don't think Lily will ever be allowed to have a slumber party. I'm not very good with large groups of children. Hell, I can't even handle the two of my own!

mothergoosemouse said...

Looks like a great time! I miss slumber parties. Such fun.