Sunday, November 27, 2005

'If I have to see any more photos of those kids . . '

'I'm going to scream . . or shoot myself in the face.' Is that what you're saying? Well, sorry, but here they are. I took some pictures, hoping one would be good for the Christmas card. I did indeed choose one, although I forget which one. It was last minute and I was desperate. But with kids, you can't lose; they always look cute, right? I hope so.

Hmmm, it's been a while since I've posted. Got lost in the Thanksgiving Holiday - 4 1/2 days off in a row. WOW! Let's see, we brought the kids to see 'Yours, Mine, and Ours' last week. Really cute movie. I find myself crying at EVERY movie these days. Hormones? Aunt Flo? A little of both, I don't know, but it happened again.

What else? Thanksgiving with my family. We actually had spaghetti as part of our Thanksgiving feast! That was a first for me. But spaghetti is always a good idea, so I'm not knocking it.

Friday, I actually got up at 4 a.m. to go to the Black Friday sale at our local Wal-Mart (do I mention Wal-Mart often? I should because we go there way too often, being as it's the only place to shop here in this itty-bitty town). I'd officially lost what was left of my mind. Standing in the cold with hundreds of other crazy people, waiting to get our hands on cheap electronics. Sad you couldn't join me? My mom and I then continued the madness by taking Anna and John shopping at the mall while Mark and Emma went to cheer LSU on. Go Tigers! We managed to misplace John only once. A little panicking, until we realized that no one would take John M. for more than 2 minutes, without promptly returning him to his rightful owner. They would move on to a calmer little tot.

Yesterday, we took the girls ice skating again. I don't know if you'd call what I do 'skating'. It's more like a drunken Ozzy Osborne shuffle. I fell only once, but couldn't get up. At all. I mean, I was beached. I just kept thinking of that commercial from years ago 'I've fallen and I can't get up!'. I was saved by a bevy of teenage girls who took pity on me. Not embarrassing at all. No.

It's been a long 4 days, but a good time. I forgot to actually count my blessings on Thanksgiving, but I'll do it now. Silently. So y'all don't have to hear it. Again. I'm counting . . this may take a while.


MarkD60 said...

I guess if you only fall once and can't get up, you only can fall once!
Next time, we want to see ice skating pics!

mickeydad said...

I think a lot of us forget to count our blessings; so worried and busy with other things that seem important at the time, but aren't really important at all in the whole scheme of things.

I gotta see the encore to ice scating/sitting.

Laurie said...
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Laurie said...

Ha. And here I was thinking you had just counted your blessings. Great kids, good food, 4-1/2 days off, spaghetti at any meal, shopping at the...wait, that's not a blessing, that's just insanity! But I did it, too. Of course, my mother-in-law and I didn't hit the Mall of La until about 10:00! Still crowded and crazy, but my MIL had the forethought to park the car earlier in the morning and then have her son (my hubby) bring us later. Fourth parking spot from the Sears entrance? Now THAT'S a blessing worth counting!

Sarah said...

"drunken Ozzy Osborne shuffle" That's funny! I love Ozzy! That sounds like me skating, Mary laughs at me.

Spaghetti at Thanksgiving, you must be Ittalian? We didn't have that for Thanksgiving this year, but my Italian Mother-in-law always makes an Italian dish for Christmas. Lasagna is this year I do believe. She is great at it, better than most I have tasted.

beki said...

It sounds like you had a nice holiday break.

Mary Tsao said...

Hey, maybe I saw you on the news when they showed the footage of people rushing the doors at Wal-Mart on Black Friday! I'm impressed that you got up at 4 a.m. to go shopping. I hope you got some bargains.

Nice to see I'm not the only one who's thinking about the Holiday photo. Yours ae so cute!

candyfortheteacher said...

You and me fighting the crouds at 4 am. We Rock!!! My brother got up at 2 am and stood in line at wal mart to get his granddaughter a laptop for Christmas. They only sold 100 for $400.00. He was number 10 in line.

Cindy N. said...

Well, as always said I as 'smarter than you' LOL, just kiddin! .... I slept late on Black Friday. I did have to get up to bring my car in for minor maintenance at 8:00, but I wasn't ABOUT to go to the shopping centers! Uhuh! NO, NOT ME, NO WAY!