Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Kenny Chesney's in my car!

I picked up Kenny Chesney's new CD at Target today. Listened to it all the way back home. There's something about his voice that makes me hot. Did I say 'hot', I meant 'happy'. The CD has a good mix of slow and upbeat songs. I plan to listen to it every day for weeks until I have all of the songs committed to memory. I also plan to stare at the picture on the back of the CD box for days on end!


chesneygirl said...

Yes...I KNOW!!! :)

The CD is fantastic...I had perma-grin all the way back to the office from'll love it!

word verification on this: kohnie....kinda like kenny (Wow, i need help)

Kether said...

LOL I can't get away from this guy now!

I might just have to get the album, though it seems that Liam really like to *watch* him.

Anonymous said...

Kenny chesney is the BEST !! I LOVE his new CD his voice is the best !!!!!!!!!! I cant pick one a favorite song their all GREAT

Anonymous said...

Kenny Chesney is the HOTEST man alive .. His voice is breath taking, his smile is co CUTE , I love all his music and all his CDs they are AWSOME !!

MarkD60 said...

I thought Chesney was that girls first name who made the first comment. I never heard of Kenny Chesney till now. I wondered why she had a picture of a guy on her profile!