Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Am I a crabby bitch?

Don't say 'yes' to that yet.

I'm at Wal-Mart on my lunch break and it's taking longer than it should. I finally get all of my stuff together and get in line. Each and every check-out line has enough people in it to choke a chicken. I pick the shortest one I can find, not realizing that the lady in front of me (who only has one visible child with her) must have about 36 others at her house. She had enough meat and other food items to feed the Duggar family two times over.

So, I'm waiting and waiting. Not TOO unhappily at this point because I noticed this week's issue of People magazine had my man Kenny Chesney staring at me, so I took a peek.

Anyway, waiting, waiting. . . and this older man gets in line behind me. If I'M stupid enough to get behind Mrs. Duggar, he's twice as stupid to get behind Mrs. Duggar AND an impatient, crabby Kenny Chesney-loving lady with lots of groceries. He has one item, a pack of socks. Count it, one. I guess none of the express lines were open because poor Mr. One-Pack-Of-Socks had to wait behind us.

He kept looking at my buggy-full-o-crap and then at his sad little pack of socks, as if to say, 'Can you give a fella a break and let me go ahead of you?'. Mrs. Duggar was still up to bat at this point. Normally I would have done just that. But today I was in a hurry and I really had to get back to work and I just didn't want to wait for someone ELSE to go ahead of me.

After about 5 minutes, he says 'Excuse me, miss, would you mind if I go ahead? I just have this one thing (holds up the one-pack-o-socks to prove his point) and then I'll be out of your way'. My immediate thought is 'Buddy, you were never in my way because you were BEHIND me'.
But I'm a pushover and I let him go ahead of me. Thank goodness he was 'debit-card-machine-savvy' and made a pretty quick transaction. He, then, turns to me and says 'Thank you, young lady, for letting me go ahead of you'.

All was forgiven because he called me 'YOUNG lady!'. I almost kissed his feet dead on the spot.

(So, would you have let him go?)


Anonymous said...

Of course,a simple act of kindness makes a difference.
But, most important, what did Kenny have to say in the artical???

Penelope Marzec said...

Yes, I would have let him and his socks move ahead of me.

still_figuring_out said...

tough Q. it would depend on how nice i was feeling at the time. if i was feeling crappy, then no. ;)

DaniGirl said...

Sorry, Renee, to bring smut to your comments, but I had to tell you... I couldn't read the rest of your post with a straight face because in your intro you said the lines were long enough to choke a chicken, and that's one of my all-time fave euphemisms for - um, well, you know, the manly act of self love. So now all I see in my head is a WalMart full of... well, I think I'd better go now.

chesneygirl said...

I'm a pushover yes, I would have.

I heard last week Kenny was going to be on the cover of People. I haven't been to the store since it came out though, but never fear, I have a trip planned to Walmart this very evening!:)

Laurie said...

I'll usually let someone go ahead of me. Except one time I did it, and the lady I let go ahead of me had two things, and then she waved to her friend and said, "Go on ahead of me!" and her friend was apparently feeding an army. I started to say something, but the, um, big momma looked at me and there was NO WAY I was going to fight her and make it out alive. Now my feeling is that if you're stupid enough to get in the non-express lane with fewer than 5 items, you're just gonna have to wait.

It's always nice being called "young"!!!

Mullet46 said...

Yup. You're a good girl and I am a proud mama!!!

Renee said...

Thank you all for your comments! I have to say there was a wide array of topics there. Especially from Dani who can't get past choking her chicken! ;^)

mothergoosemouse said...

I would have. I'm a sucker for nice old people. I always think of my grandparents. That is, if I'm not driving behind them while they're going 10 mph BELOW the speed limit on a two lane road.

MarkD60 said...

It was nice of you to let that guy go first. Yesterday I went to the grocery store and it was packed and there was a car parked taking two parking spots. I was able to fit between the lines, about a millimeter away from this cars drivers door.
The lady was waiting when I came out. She started yelling at me "Why didja havta park so I can't get into my car!?" I informed her she was taking two spots. She yelled "I didn't take two spots! I parked next to the car that was here before! He was in the middle!" I said two wrongs don't make a right, Everybody here is parked between the lines except for you.
She was furious
I thought our mirrors were going to hit as I pulled out while she waited.

Cindy N. said...

I can't blame Markd60 for what he did. It makes me very angry when some idiot does stupid crap like that and then gets mad at the next for you my friend, You were feeling mighty generous that day. I am not sure I woulda done it. I agree with Laurie on that point. Let 'em find their own SLOW line! Are there any fast checkouts anywhere anymore?

oktree said...

That sort of thanks is completely worth it. If with child, depending on said child's behavior, I would have let him go in front. If without child, absolutely.

Good for you!