Monday, November 14, 2005

Too much Christmas!

Behold, Anna surrounded by Christmas crap . . I mean, presents from last year. You know those people that contribute to the over-commercialism of the Christmas season? I'm sad to admit I'm one of them. Too many gifts, too many toys, too much crap! Observe my Christmas list for this year (I keep it in a Word document, aren't I techno-savvy?!)

Mom - ??? (I had to take this out for my blog entry (she reads it!) - RECEIVED
Alison - This too! - RECEIVED
NAnnan - Name Bucket - RECEIVED
Charla - Purse - REC'D
Loretta - Photo Book - REC'D
Marti - Purse - REC'D
Susan - Purse - REC'D
Anna K. - Shoes - REC'D
Lauren - Shoes - REC'D
Hannah - Purse - REC'D
John Alan - Sea Set - REC'D
Erin - Photo Book - REC'D
Joyce - Purse - REC'D
Robyn - purse - RECEIVED
Ida - Wall Sconce - RECEIVED
Kelli - Jacket - RECEIVED
Martha - purse - REC'D
Matthew - Sea Set - RECEIVED
Steve - Moe's GC RECEIVED
Tracy - Took this out - she might read this! RECEIVED
Melissa - Took this out - she might read this! RECEIVED
Erica - Took this out -she might read this! RECEIVED
Charles Ray - Shirt RECEIVED
Hawk - Shirt, 2 Boxers - RECEIVED
Mark - Fleece pullover, 2 shirts Â- RECEIVED
Beki - Took this out - she might read this! - ORDERED
Krystal - Took this out - she might read this! - ORDERED
Laurie - Took this out - she might read this! - ORDERED
Homie - Arby's GC - ORDERED
Vernon - Took this out - he might read this! ORDERED
Cindy -Took this out - she might read this! ORDERED
Wesley - Chilis GC ORDERED
Jenna - Dora People Set, Dora Boombox ORDERED
Katie - DreamLife Game ORDERED

Andrew -
John -
Brett - GC
Sam & Mike -
Keith & Emily -
PJ/Diane -
Anna -
Emma -

John M. -

That's 42 people, if I counted right. I really don't include many extras, just my family (which unfortunately consists of many children), godparents of my children, a few friends, a few of the girls friends, teachers, . . okay well maybe I lied about the extras. Anyway, that's just the way it is. I don't want to leave anyone out, right? Right. And I can't lie, I love to receive gifts just as much (if not more ;^) than I like to give them. Mentally, I never made it past age 7. Sometimes I order the girls things . . um, I mean Santa does, that I want to play with. Who cares if they'll enjoy it?
So, the malls love me, the credit card companies love me, but my checking account is not pretty.


Mary Tsao said...

Hey, I didn't see my name on the list. What gives?


Maybe you were Santa in a previous life?

beki said...

Holy shit, that's a long list! I don't know how you do it.

Anonymous said...

lol. that is a loooooong list. i love shopping for gifts for family and friends, but not as much as i love receiving them!

still_figuring_out said...

ops. btw, the above comment by anonymous is actually by me ;)forgot to log in to blogger!

chesneygirl said...

Yeah, my name's not on the list either!!! ;)

WOW! That is one heck of a list! I just started stressing out about my list this past weekend and it consists of only about 15 people...I'd probably have a stress anxiety attack if I had list like yours!!

Cindy N. said...

I love your list! My name's on it! Hehehehehe....I have my list on a piece of paper that is laying on my desk. I carry it everywhere with me. Some if it hasn't even been ordered or purchased yet. I need to get on the stick here!

Kether said...

Egads! that list is LONG!
I'd have let the guy go in front of me in line, too. But, then, I'm a pushover, too.