Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Anna's almost 10 . .

and I need to start planning that child's birthday party. I've told the girls that once that hit the double digits, the big parties with lots of friends stop and the smaller gatherings commence ( read: I've shelled out enough money for 9 years, give me a break now). So, Anna has decided to have a 'sleepover' party with 10 friends. I know, not small enough, but smallER nonetheless. We're going to have it on the 19th of this month and my question to anyone out there that may have ideas is:

What activities can we have at the party? Outdoor activities may not happen because the weather may be bad (cold, rainy, etc). I've already thought of Karaoke, a Limbo contest and board games. Can you bloggers think of anything else? Any ideas are appreciated.

What did you girls do at slumber parties growing up that was fun?


Anonymous said...

One idea I used and the girls loved was frames. We went to the dollar store and got clear frames and different beads and jems and some elmers glue. I took pitures of the group with the b-day gal and printed enough pics. the girls got to decorate the frames and take home a rememberance. E just a lurker

beki said...

My goodness, I don't think I've even been to a sleep over that big. Where are you going to put them all?

I don't really remember having planned activities at slumber parties, except the old "light as a feather, stiff as a board" and "heartbeat" games, but with those the parents were never around. We usually just did movies.

I think your ideas of karaoke and limbo are good. The other suggestion of crafts is good too. Knowing me, I'd definitely have a craft project.

Mullet46 said...

How about making cookies and decorating them? Old fashioned, but fun. Just slice up the cookie dough and give them choices of sprinkles, gummy worm pieces, choc.chips, cherry pieces, nuts, coconut, raisins, etc.
Also, everyone loves, Win,Lose or Draw. Divide into teams, like on TV. Have categories on cards beforehand. Winners get drawing tablet and markers.

Christa said...

Don't all girls, even at 10, love to play dress up? Go through your closet or ask some of the moms to bring over old dresses and shoes that the girls can dress up in. Then they can do make-up, hair and nails and take all kinds of silly photos. Just a thought.

chesneygirl said...

I never had birthday parties. My birthday is in July and we were always at our lake cottage on the other side of the state. :(

I'm sure I attended a few but cannot recall an activities off-hand (that was 20 years ago! and although I have NOT accepted turning 30, my brain has!)

If I can think of something, I'll let ya know :)

klanglee said...

I've never really been to a slumber party either, but a friend of mine had a good idea that her niece did for her b-day. They had a "beauty shop/spa party". All girls brought rollers, hair pins and other hair accessories for doing each others hair and also nail polish for doing each other nails. They also gave each other facials and did each others faces with makeup. Everything you would expect to do at a beauty shop or a spa. The b-day girl hosting this party was turning 9, so Anna may find it "cool".