Monday, December 05, 2005

The Santa dilemma

I'm looking for advice. On the Santa situation. As you know, my oldest just turned 10 years old. My middle is about to turn 8 on Friday. They're a couple of little nosy children. Wonder where they get that from?! Anna's the worst. She feels the need to know everything going on this side of the Mississippi.

Anna's been very curious these past few weeks, with her birthday and now Christmas coming. She's been snooping worse than Cindy Brady. She discovered some of her birthday presents early, no big deal. Now, she's moved on to the hunt for her Christmas gifts. If we get a package (I've ordered lots from Mr. Internet . .it's so easy!), she wants to see what's in it right away. If there's a box anywhere in a 10 mile radius, she wants to open it up. Her big brown eyes are everywhere and it's starting to tick me off.

Mark had moved a box of Christmas things (one being a 'Santa' gift) into our office/junk room. The Santa gift was in sight and guess who saw it? She then proceeded to show Emma, who isn't naturally as nosy as her sister. They look at me with these little grins because they think it's funny. I don't. I finally blew and said to Anna, 'OKAY, do you WANT me to tell you about something that only grown-ups know?', and she got really sheepish and left the room with a quick little 'uh-uh'.

See, the thing is, I think she knows the truth, but doesn't want to have it in writing, so to speak. Because then the party would be over. She couldn't even pretend to believe anymore. Of course, I want her to believe and really hesitate to tell her, because you know, she's my first baby. A 10-year old baby, but hey. .

I'm lazy and the hiding and plotting and planning is getting to me. I'm not getting any younger, you know. This was much easier when I had just little kids, but these big, older, smart, James Bond types are hard to fool. What do y'all think? Should I tell Anna? What about Emma? What have y'all done or plan on doing?

Ho Ho Ho.

Bah Humbug.


chesneygirl said...

What do you mean? The truth about what??? believe in what? :)

Really though, that IS a tough one!
And I do not look forward to the day I have to cross that road.

My parents never "officially" told me the truth...I just sorta figured it out and I don't even remember at what age, probably around 10 or 11.

My parents were lucky though, my brother and I were never 'snoopers'...not at Christmas or birthdays, we always liked the surprises.

Laurie said...

Bah humbug! :) That's really funny! I remember snooping around when I was a kid, too, but I think it was after I found out the truth. I don't have any advice to give you, as my only one doesn't even understand what Santa is yet. His gift from Santa is in a box in my dining room in plain sight. He just has no clue. I guess next year I'll have to worry more about being sneaky and hide things. When he's really old enough to get it, the presents will all be sent to one of the grandparents' houses until it's time for them to be put under the tree!

Good luck!!!

Vee said...

I had this same problem two years ago. Cody had heard that Santa wasn't real from some kids at school and he was having a hard time believing that one person could deliver gifts to all the children of the world in ONE night anyway(his exact words)and asked me to level with him.

When I told him the truth he was more upset that I had been "tricking" him and all these years than anything else. He even brought up the promise I made to him to always tell him the truth. He was really disappointed in me. He just couldn't believe that I had "lied" to him all these years.

I then explained the difference between lying and tradition and told him he would be doing the same for his kids one day to which he responded that he was never having kids. Oh to be young again! I was never going to have kids either and was going to travel the world while discovering ancient artificats and lost cities.

mothergoosemouse said...

I love what you said to her. I hope to let my girls know that when you're little, it's easy to believe in the magic, but that it gets harder as you get older. You can snoop and pry and insist on knowing the secrets, but it takes away from the fun of it. Celebrations like Christmas and birthdays and so forth are the few occasions where grown-ups still get to believe in magic.

Carrie Guevara said...

We "play" Santa with a wink and a nod. Our kids know the deal but they also know that the point of the game is to not be nosy and ruin the "magic". Sometimes my eldest(7) will ask me directly and I'll answer with - "Do you really want to end the fun or can we keep playing?" That shuts her up quick. She also knows and respects that other kids may hold a stronger belief in the jolly red guy and that they shouldn't ever mess up anyone else's fun.

momyblogR said...

Nah, don't tell her. If she finds out let it be another way. Man, where does the time go?

I know what you're saying about Bah-Humbug. Mine are making me crazy, Christmas can't get here soon enough. (NO, I'm not ready.) I swear, I told my son the other day that I didn't even LIKE Santa, lol. Mean I know, but my GAWD!

Lisa said...

I feel your pain. My Connor is 9 and I *think* he still believes. I know most of the kids in his class dont or have been told the truth by their parents. I'm milking it for as long as I can. What fun is Christmas without Santa. My husband was lamenting this the other night and said "I cant wait until we have grandchildren so we can do the santa thing again"...GRANDCHILDREN? I'm not even 40 yet, I dont want to think about grandchildren,lol!!!

Cindy N. said...

I love what Carrie guevara said as well as Momyblogr. As you know, since I am OLD and sooooooo ready for grandchildren, my kids are much older too. Ages 30 and 27. I have NEVER told them that Santa is not real, but rather that Santa is the spirit of Christmas and that if you don't believe in that spirit, then you don't get presents anymore because the presents are only for those that believe. I love Christmas and the spirit within. My kids will always believe in that spirit as well. Merry Christmas to you and yours my friend.

Renee said...

Thank all of you for your comments. I'm not going to spill the beans for now . . and probably not ever. I'm just going to go with 'If you don't believe, you don't receive'!

Spikey1 said...

Dont do it!

candyfortheteacher said...

I had the same issue with my children. Is Anna 5th grade or 4th. I finally told my son but I made a huge big deal. I told him he was old enough for his first big adult secret. Then I let him help me wrap santa gifts late at night and help me put them out on CHristmas eve. I told him it would ruin his sisters Christmas if they knew so he would have to play along and it would be our secret. I enjoyed those years that I had with Bryan putting out gifts and sharing secrets. He made the hiding fun again. Hope this helps.

mickeydad said...


I figure that Ms. Ventress has found out from Lauren already. Ofcourse she then is obligated to tell Emma.
Dad told me if you don't believe you don't recieve. Why wouldn't they want to keep getting gifts from both Santa and mom n dad?

Suz said...

Besides my 4 year old, I have a 15 & 17 year old and both of them found out thru friends. When they found out I never really told them that there wasnt a Santa instead like in the movie "The Santa Claus", I told them Santa is in your heart and its what you believe thats right.

Hugs Suz

DaniGirl said...

With two preschoolers, I'm just at the other end of this continuum, wondering if I should even START the whole Santa myth. When I was growing up, we opened family presents Christmas Eve, and Santa left one or two presents for each of us under the tree.

When my brother and I were both old enough to be living on our own and coming home for Christmas, one year my mother mentioned she would be stopping the Christmas-morning "Santa" present tradition and there was outrage at the mere suggestion.

I love the answers you've already gotten. The magic of Christmas is the willfull choice to believe in something wonderful. I wouldn't tell the girls anything overtly, but you might want to find some better hiding places!