Thursday, October 13, 2005

Why Can't Just One Thing be Easy?

This picture is from our summer vacation to Austin. It was on a roll of film that I just had developed at the Mart of Wal. Yes, we actually do still take pictures that aren't digital, the kind where you take the film and drop it in the hole to never-never land, at your desired film developing location. (I'm living in the 80s, I know, but I'm happy and I like it here. I'll give Boy George a kiss for you.) Anyway, I got the actual prints, along with a picture CD, so that I could upload these babies and put them out there for my fellow bloggers to see. (A little piece of me has caught up to the 21st century.).

So, I'm thinking I'll just pop the CD in, right click, do the ol' 'Save Picture As' and boom, the pictures will be on my hard drive. Oh, how wrong I was. Unless I'm missing something, which Lord knows I can be, to get these pictures uploaded takes an act of Congress. I finally realized that I had to:
1.) download the installer software
2.) run the software and select the pictures to be uploaded
3.) register with the Mart of Wal photo thingamadoodle
4.) sign on to said thingamadoodle
5.) email the photos to myself
6.) open the photos in Photoshop
7.) save them as .jpgs on my hard drive
Now, they're ready! See how simple that is? NOT.
Maybe I just share the same IQ with Patrick on Spongebob and I made this way harder than it had to be. If so, and you know of the easy way to do it, please let me know!
I'm just going to go my normal Snapfish route next time.
GEEZ! Can't anything be simple?

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chesneygirl said...

Hmmm....i hate to be the bearer of bad news but I didn't have nearly this much trouble. I put the CD in and....Wha-la! There were my pictures and I thought how cool is THAT!
But don't ask me how I did it...I have NO idea!

I also am still living in the 80's with my dinosaur camera but I'd prefer to kiss George Michael rather than Boy George....I'm just sayin.... ;)