Monday, October 03, 2005

Using the Baby for Entertainment Purposes . .

While we still can.
Hey, he may actually want to style his hair like that one day, right? We're just exploring the options. Not the same old 'do every day. And notice the ponytail holder on the finger. He's starting a trend.
He's such a good sport.


Christa said...

He is so cute! I miss my son being that age more than I can tell you. How fun!

DaniGirl said...

Hey, you have girls, you should be over the 'dress them up' phase entirely by now! (I say that mostly because having two boys, my mother and I have been conspiring since my second son's birth to dress him up in a sundress and bloomers, or at least tie up his exquisite curls in a lovely blue ribbon.)

He's one adorable little guy, and I love the sleeping photo further down, too.

beki said...

We do that to Alex all the time, he-he! Of course he usually has some bracelets and a purse to coordinate.

chesneygirl said...

very cute!!

my 15 month old son for some reason loves my purses, carries them all over the drives my husband absolutely MAD!!!

My son still hardly has any hair or else I would try this too!! ;)

still_figuring_out said...

lol. cute pic. you can keep this pic for blackmail purposes once he turns 14 ;)

Mary Tsao said...

Such a cutie! And I see he's got his pointer finger out -- what is it with toddlers and this finger? They're always pointing, pointing, pointing.

Isn't this a great age?!

Sarah said...

That is sooo cute! I have a nephew who has the prettiest, most curly hair. I swear he was supposed to be a girl! He will sit and let anyone do anything to it. His cousin one time took her flat iron after his hair...all I can say is...LOL.