Thursday, October 20, 2005

So many pictures . . so little time

I haven't uploaded pics from our camera to the PC in a while. I finally did it just now . . all the kids are asleep and I have a moment to myself. Yippee!

So, bear with me but I must share a few.
Here's my girl Anna playing her first soccer game of the season. Doesn't she look 10 feet tall?
They lost this game but won the next. Anna made 2 goals! (she's the dark haired one in the purple, by the way)

Earlier this month, the girls had a pet blessing ceremony at school to celebrate St. Francis of Assisi (sp?). They had Pearl (our white schizo cat) blessed (Lord knows she needs it!) along with Emma's stuffed cat.

Mark carved a pumpkin (which has long since rotted in the near-90 degree South La. heat) after the girls drew a scary face.

And here's just a cute one of John at the soccer game. He looks more and more like a little man every day, instead of my baby!

Last but not least, here's Anna and Patriotic Pearl (cat outfit or 'catfit' courtesy of Maw-Maw Adele!) at the 4-H Pet Show yesterday. Anna won 2 blue ribbons!

It's been a busy few October weeks. They've been good weeks though, with nearly perfect weather and many reasons to 'count my blessings'.


Laurie said...

I love the pictures! And it is VERY hard to see my little man growing up, too. He will be two in less than one month and I'm dying!

Our cat is crazy, too.

I'm back!

chesneygirl said...

90 Degrees?!?! In October?!?!

I'm moving to Louisiana!!

cute pics! thank you for sharing them! :)

candyfortheteacher said...

cute pictures, your little baby is becoming a little man. You will blink had they will be teenagers and ready to leave the nest. It is hard to see them grow up no matter what the age. Enjoy everyminute, they are precious. Your family is adorable. May God bless you and yours.

Christa said...

Thanks for sharing the pics! Very good, and you are right, your daughter does look very tall in that first one! I can't believe it's 90 degrees down there! I thought we were good today when it actually hit 50 degrees and the sun was shining.

Mary Tsao said...

Your family is so good looking -- all of you!

I know you must be busy since you haven't posted in days! Hope it's a good busy.