Thursday, October 27, 2005' Mark

Did you ever play M.A.S.H. as a kid (the Mansion, Apartment, Shack, House thing)? Emma loves it. She likes to predict her future and the future of the rest of us too. Our 'future' is pretty much said and done but that doesn't matter to Emma.

She decided to M.A.S.H. Mark last night.

Emma: 'Daddy, pick 3 girls' (this is who he'll marry, but he doesn't know this).

Mark: 'Lauren, Kaitlyn...' (friends of the girls)

Emma: 'No, DADDYYY . . girls your age that you could MARRY' (and she gives him the face above).

Mark: 'Oh, . . Demi, Jessica' (as in Moore and Simpson).

Emma: 'DADDY, these have to be old girls, your age, that YOU KNOW. Like Mama, say Mama, she's sitting right next to you!'

Mark: 'Oh, okay, Mama.'

So, turns out Mark is going to marry me (who would have thunk it?), have 43 children, make $3/yr, and drive a Porch (that's Porsche, to you and me).

After she read him his final 'future', she says 'Boy, Daddy, your life STINKS!'.


Christa said...

I played that game ALL THE TIME!! I remember my friend Amy and I would stay up as late as possible trying out all of the possibilities and trying to get "our lives" to turn out the way we wanted. Too funny, I didn't think anyone played that anymore! Great post!

chesneygirl said...

I've never heard of that game. ???

43 children?! Wow!...only 40 more to go! :)

Too cute though!!!

candyfortheteacher said...

OH how cute. My second grade class loves that game. I have a good friend who subs for me when I am out and she reserves the right to teach it to them. They love it!!I'll have to email you the mind reading cards you make with numbers. Kids love them. I bet your daughter would have a great time playing with her friends.

Cindy N. said...

I have never heard of the game, but it sounds really cute. I think she is right about the 'stinky' life! Times spent with your children are precious times.