Sunday, October 16, 2005

Anna's a weed



Yesterday, I cleaned out the girls closets. Don't worry, I made it out alive. Barely.

I was stunned at how much Anna had grown. I compared this year's jeans to last year's and I swear, it looked like 5 or 6 inches. When did that happen? I've been hearing comments for a couple of months from people that she's gotten taller and I thought she had . . a little. I was wrong, that child sprouted up, faster than babies grow up on daytime soaps!

As my proof, I'm posting a picture from last year's summer vacation (July, 2004) and this year's 1st day of school (August, 2005). I chose these two because she's standing next to Mark in both, so you can see the growth, in comparison. Do you see what I mean? I know, I know, the school picture is a blur, but are you surprised? What scares me the most is the thought of next year. Will that picture be one of Anna eating a bowl of soup off of Mark's head?


chesneygirl said...

Not only is she obviously taller, she looks alot older in the face!

Christa said...

"Faster than babies in daytime soaps" I love that-too funny! Wow, she did grow a lot in one year!

beki said...

She's blossoming. You know that's coming next...