Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Name Change

I got tired of 'Renee' so I'm changing my name to 'Sheika'. Does it simply roll off the tongue? Sound like I should have pasties on?

Okay, kidding, really I changed my 'Frogola' to 'FroggieMom'. I didn't feel like 'Frogola' was descriptive at all, as far as what my blog is about, so just adding the 'mom' made me feel better. Because blogging about my kids is usually what I do. What do y'all think? Does anyone care? Tell me you do. If this goes over with '0' comments, I may just have to resort to blog suicide.

I've kept my web address the same for the crowd of two people out there that link to my site, or the two others that may have it bookmarked.

I keep looking for a picture of myself that really looks like me to post, but I haven't had any luck. Let me look further. Hold on a minute . .

It's really hard to find a picture of me that I like, but while looking I found this cute picture of my mom, John M. and my niece Jenna (who is so cute I could just eat her curly little head) .
They all matched in red that day so I had to capture the moment on film. I guess that quote isn't so accurate nowadays. I had to capture that moment DIGITALLY. How's that?

I also found this picture of Mark and baby John M. from several months ago. I know it looks like my teenage son but that's actually my husband. He's 36, can you believe it?

I'll let you decide which one of them looks more miserable.

And finally here's the picture Mark took of me yesterday when I was doing my boobie blog.

I didn't post it yesterday because I wasn't happy with my bra lines. But tonight, I'm saying 'WTF?'. This is what I look like. And I usually have a daily fashion faux-pas, so yesterday it was the bra lines.
Notice Anna in the background peering over her book, probably thinking 'that her mom has totally lost it because she just asked her daddy to take a picture of her and to make sure to get her boobs in the picture.


still_figuring_out said...

i think froggiemom is a fine name for a blog :)

DaniGirl said...

I love FroggieMom!

This coincidence thing is getting a little weird. First, we had frogs as the theme of our wedding. I can't even remember how it evolved, but we had frogs on the invitation, on the cake, dancing froggie minstrels on the tables.

And, although I call him Beloved on blog, my husband's name is really Mark.

beki said...

You'll still be Frogola to me.

Hey, you look quite busty in that photo!

Mullet46 said...

Thanks for the scare! That old woman is either possessed or high on crack.
Your boobbies are just out-standing! A mammographer sounds like a map maker. Did she need a map to find you little tits??
Once the bloggers read these comments, they will wonder who is the hell is Mullet46. Oh, she's just the old broad who bore me from her loins.

stretch td said...

nothing wrong with bra line. Of course, I prefer braless. ;)

MissSheika said...

Yes, Sheika does kinda roll off the tounge. :-)


MissSheika said...

Yes, Sheika does roll off the tongue. :-)