Thursday, October 06, 2005

Are you Peppermint Patty? Or maybe Marcie?

Find out which Peanuts character you are.
Danigirl pointed me this way.

Mine came out as Lucy

I disagree totally. I was thinking Patty or Charlie. Mostly Charlie Brown. Always worried and kind of harried and unsure of himself. That's me.
Try it and see who you are.


Christa said...

Very cute! I am Snoopy...It says: Your the life of the party (which I seriously disagree with). Your sheer joy for life can often mask your philosphical and sensitive side. You are a much more complex person than many may realize.

chesneygirl said...

How fun is that!?
I am Snoopy too, however, I disagree. I think I'm more like Franklin.
Thanks for the link!!

Mullet46 said...

I turned out to be Franklin. Boring but dependable. The shoe fits, I guess, but I would prefer boots.

beki said...

I was Shroeder. Creative and quiet.

Anonymous said...

Hi Renee, I started reading your blog after reading Laurie's. I just had to add, I'm woodstock! E

mom2Cole said...

hey froggie girl,

I'm snoopy...People like me even more than I realize.. Isn't that sweet!

klanglee said...

I am almost embarrassed to say..I was Linus "easily taken advantage of"...I guess I really am a doormat!