Sunday, October 30, 2005

Stretching the birthday out one more day . .

Thought I'd share a couple of pictures of my new 'ride'. (minus the front). As a bonus, you get to see four hot, sexy mama's too! ;^)
That's Tracy, Beki, and Erica on the bottom and Tracy and Beki again with the old birthday woman on the top. I sure do look happy for turning another year older, don't I?
And I also had to share what was left of my birthday cake made by Tracy. I forgot to take the 'before' picture, but here's the 'after'. I had a really great birthday with family and friends. It made turning another year older not so bad.


Christa said...

Looks like you ladies are having so much fun! Hope you finished that cake up by now, I sure would have by now. Great pics!

chesneygirl said...

Yummy, the cake looks Deelish!!! :)
I haven't had my own birthday cake in years!! :(

Sharp lookin' van too!

Oh and you don't look at all like 36....I'd have guessed 26 ;)

Renee said...

Thanks for the compliment! Do you want to marry me? ;^)