Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Thirty-six, but still in 7th grade, mentally . .

Will my brain ever grow up? If it hasn't by now, it probably won't ever, right?

Thanks, in large part, to a friend of mine, I can't hear certain words without thinking of them in a dirty light. I've been conditioned to do so, again, in large part by Nonrev 'Pavlov' Broussard. I can't help it.

The girls wanted to watch the New Year's Eve special to see the 'ball drop'.
Out of the blue, Anna asks, 'Mom, who's Dick?'.

Me: Uhh . . what?

Her: 'Who's DICK?!'.

Me: 'Dick?'. Oh, OH, Dick Clark, he hosts this show every year.

Her: 'Well, why does everyone love Dick so much?'

Me: (hee, hee . . ) Well, he's been around for a long time and people just like him.

Her: 'They have signs like 'I want to kiss Dick at midnight' and stuff'.

Me: (hee, hee . . ) Yeah.

I'm sorry but I can't help of thinking of a penis when the name 'Dick' is mentioned. I don't think this will ever go away.

I'm just happy the number of 'Dicks' is declining. Do you know anyone under the age of 50 called 'Dick' or 'Dickie'? I don't. If you do, please let me know and give some details. Why is this? Probably because we're all stuck in 7th grade.


beki said...

Oh my, how could you not think about one-eyed willie with that conversation? If you don't, then you must be either pre-pubescent, elderly, or a nun.

klanglee said...

I have a cousin whose real name is Kevin, but for someone unknown reason (at least unknown to me) all of his friends call him Dick. I think I prefer to just call him by his birth name...

Tammy said...

That name always makes me giggle too. Also, the last name Sweeney makes me laugh too. Use anybody's first name and the last name Sweeney. So friggin funny!

momyblogR said...

OMGosh, I'm so glad that I am not the only one stuck in the 7th grade mentally.

If I was having that conversation with either of my two, I'm sure I wouldn't have been able to keep it together.

"Kissing Dick at midnight." Oh MAN! She is much to young to be asking such questions, lol!

I used to know a guy whose name was Richard Head. Yup, guess what his name was. LOL! What were his parens THINKING??

Suz said...

LOL, Guilty here also. If the word/name dick is mentioned my mind goes right there also.

You are definitely not the only one!

Hugs Suz

tara said...

i give you props for keeping it together during the conversation! too funny renee!! i am glad greyson is only 11 mos. and those days are far, far away! :)

Laurie said...

We have an attorney here at the office named Dick. I can't help but smile when one of the paralegal goes running around the office shouting, "I need DICK!", "Where's DICK?", "Has anyone seen DICK?"

Drywall Mom said...

First time to your site. I like it.

My last name is Tracy and my Grandfathers name is Richard so when I was pregnate, I told my husband we could get away with naming a boy Richard (Dick) Tracy but he said that would be too mean to the kid. But I thought it was funny.

mothergoosemouse said...

Renee, that's so funny. I would have cracked up - you kept it together so well.

I knew a guy in college whose name was Richard, and we all called him Dicker.

Cindy N. said...

Yep, my mind goes there too, but have all these other people been ruined by Nonrev like you and I and Beki have? Well I worked for a guy named Dickie for a while and I always hated calling his name!

Mullet46 said...

Dick Patin (old-70's) taught at Poydras with me during the late 70's, and one time I saw his dick go up in his pants while in the home ec. dept. I fled faster than Cooter Brown, and to this day cannot look him in the eye without thinking about when he rose to the occasion. I always call him Mr. Patin.

BayouMaMa2 said...




chesneygirl said...

I HATE that name! It was my grandfather's name and it always bugged me for the same reason.

And what's worse....people around here now say "Richard" for namecalling instead of Dick...example: "that guy is such a richard." OR "stop being a richard." However, it is not a phrase I would EVER use!!

Melanhead said...

This is totally OT - I am answering the question you posted on my blog. I was going to e-mail you, but I think all of us bloggers prefer to getting that thrill when we see our comment box increase with comments rather than our e-mail inbox. :)

We moved to La to try a different culture, and to raise a child. I invite to peruse more - where do you live in SE Louisiana?

Laurie said...

My dad's name is Richard, but everyone calls him Dick. I've never understood the nickname, but it's so natural that I don't laugh at it like I used to when I was, oh, SEVEN??? :) It's funny when I hear him called "Dickie" (by people who knew him when he was a child). Ha.

Carrie said...

I can *so* relate to that! Sometimes I feel like a huge child with the fits of giggles I'm sent into by the most innocent of words and phrases. :D