Tuesday, January 10, 2006

It's time for a list . .

I've been tagged by DryWall Mom and I can't pass up a good list, so here goes:

Four Jobs I’ve had:

1. Retail sales at D.H. Holmes during Christmas season. I also gift wrapped. It was some of the fonkiest wrapping you ever paid to get!
2. Intern at D.D.B. Needham in NYC during the Summer of '91 (aren't I the cool city girl?)
3. Purchasing Manager for the La. School for the Deaf (HATED my boss and left after 10 mo.)
4. IT Programmer/Analyst for the state of LA (over 10 1/2 years now, YIKES!)

Four Places I’ve Lived:

1. Hometown, LA
2. Baton Rouge, LA
3. Manhattan
4. Back to Hometown, LA (and that was it!)

Movies I’d Watch Again:

1. GoodFellas
2. As Good As It Gets
3. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005 version)
4. Urban Cowboy

TV Shows I love to Watch:

1. The Gauntlet
2. Supernanny
3. Survivor
4. Amazing Race

4 of My Favorite Foods:

1. French Fries
2. Fried Catfish
3. Chicken Fingers
4. Pizza (I wonder why I can't lose weight . . )

Four Places I’d Rather be Right Now:

1. On the beach
2. Hilton Head, SC
3. Disneyworld kissing Mickey Mouse
4. Eating all of the 4 foods above

4 Bloggers I’d Like to Tag:

1. Carrie
2. Daisy
3. Cindy
4. Vee

Peace out.


Vee said...

I'm tagged? I'll start working on my list right away.

Suz said...

The orignal Charlie & The Choclate Factory is one of my favorite movies. ( I know you put the 2005 version)

I also watch Survivor & Amazing Race & love pizza & Disney world.

Hugs Suz

Cindy N. said...

Cindy Me? I guess I'd better get started. These are fun.

Drywall Mom said...

I haven't seen the new Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, I did like the old one alot. How did you like New York?

Renee said...

Drywall -
I LOVED N.Y! I still do. I don't think I could ever permanently live there b/c I'm too much of a country girl. I love grass and trees and wide open spaces. But I did love the atmosphere, the city feeling and the shopping! I even liked the people; I didn't run into anybody rude there. I say it's all a myth about New Yorkers being rude.

momyblogR said...

Manhattan, wow! You were Honey's neighbor for a while. He's a Bronx boy and me, just outside the city.

Howdie neighbor!

Spikey1 said...

Did you think the last Amazing Race just sucked ass or was it me? As for the pizza.. try it without cheese! ;)

Drywall Mom said...

Renee, I too prefer wide open spaces. I just wish I could live more outside the city but I can't b/c our business is all around Houston so I can't pick a place that is too far or the driving would not be worth it.

Christa said...

Sounds like a great list Renee! I think kissing Mickey would be a fun place to be right now too!

LAMommyof3 said...

Great list! Reading your favorite foods made me crave some fried catfish! We Louisiana girls know what's good! ;)