Thursday, March 23, 2006

About 547 days old

Tomorrow John M. is 18 months old, on the dot. I must say, that kid is growing up too quickly. Maybe it's the finality of it all. He is my last baby. I know there will be no others. This is it. No more 'noopies', no more bottles, no more chubby baby hands around my neck.
Okay, let me snap out of it. John, an update on YOU:

In the past few months, you've started to add more and more words to your vocabulary; you say 'Mama' regularly now and you also enjoy a good 'Cheese!', which you learned after watching Macy snap pretend pictures with her 'camera'. You try to say everyone's name now and that has caused us to all be wrapped around your little pinky finger a little bit tighter.

You still love anything chocolate; I think if we dipped a dog turd in chocolate, you'd wolf it down like nobody's business. You also enjoy macaroni and cheese. You even love the 'Easy Mac' variety. Yeah, me! And hamburgers; you can eat an entire little hamburger from a Happy Meal in no time flat.

We gave you your first sip of beer the other day, and you scarfed it down with such enjoyment, I almost called AA. You even kept shaking the bottle while you had it turned totally upside down in your mouth, so as to get every miniscule drop out. You then proceeded to hand me the bottle and point to another, like 'NEXT'. I considered letting you have the entire bottle and getting a really good night's sleep that night. But then I thought again.

You've taken to saying 'OWwwwwwww!' - this is something brand new, when you've hurt yourself, you look at me with your confused little wrinkled brow and curled up eyebrows as it to ask 'how do I express this pain that I'm in?' and I'll say, 'It hurt? Say Ouch' and you'll kind of growl it out 'OWwwwuhhhh'.

During the past few weeks, you've discovered climbing. Everything. And standing atop what you've just climbed. You'll usually throw in a little victory jig once you're on top, as if to say, 'I have conquered the coffee table, hear me roar!'.

You still love being outside more than just about anything else. We can't say the word 'outside' unless we plan on taking you there. We have to spell it. I'm hoping you outgrow this before you learn to spell 'outside'.

I'm still waiting for you to enjoy being read to. Right now, the only books you like are the 'touch and feel' books where you can feel fur, or bumps, or something of the sort.

You've discovered your body parts and like to get more familiar with them when in the tub.

You really enjoy being powdered, you love viewing bellybuttons, and also brushing other people's hair with any object that remotely resembles a brush. A phone, a toothbrush, whatever.

Another favorite pastime is knocking things down. Doesn't matter what. As long as you can knock it on the floor or across the room, your work has been done.

You're just my boy. As I tell you every day. 'Hey John M., you're my boy, do you know that?'.I wonder how many times in your short little lifetime I've said that.

But, it's true. You're my only boy. I can't remember how many times before you were born I told people I didn't want to have a boy because I didn't know what to do with them. I just knew girls and I thought I liked it that way. I don't think I've ever been more wrong (and trust me, I'm wrong about lots of things.) A boy is exactly what I needed and God gave me the perfect one. Thanks for being my boy. I love you, Mr. John M, more than mud puddles.


JeepGirl said...

Happy 18 months !! Mine is 16 months and I can't believe how much hair John has. My Billy has a lot of peach fuzz. It is amazing how much boys differ in the destruction of things than girls. Looks like your enjoying it.

Love the beer story.

Cindy N. said...

You made me cry Renee. 27 years ago, I had a little boy, with beautiful blue eyes, and long blonde curles and he had the cutest little dimples under each eye so that when he laughed outloud those little dimples were very pronounced and adorable.

I miss that little boy so very much. He is now 27 years old and has turned in to a man that isn't very pleasant to be around sometimes.

I want my little boy back because I loved his demeanor so much more then....more than mud puddles.

Thank you for bringing back that memory to me. Sniffle sniffle, wiping tears.

Trina said...

Awwwwwwwe....and that is coming from a house chug full of ONLY boys...hahaha
You just seem like the sweetest BOY mama! Keep up the good work and I love how much you love him, and all his BOY ways!

chesneygirl said...

LOVE this post!

a beer?!?....that is SO cool! :)

I wish Adam would eat all those different foods you mentioned...right now about the only thing I can get him to eat are hot dogs, grapes, and oatmeal...UUUGH! I'm envious!

All I have right now is a boy and I wouldn't have it any other way!:)

Suz said...

Aww what a great post, Happy 18th months John M!!! What a cutie he is.

Easy Mac, What a great thing. Its littlemans favorite too. And climbing is what little boys do best!

Hugs Suz

momyblogR said...

Look at that FACE, my goodness! What a great post...I would love to see a victory dance.


beki said...

Aww, that grow up so freaking fast!

Anonymous said...

We might have to see about calling child protection on the consumption of alcohol thing.
Do you have him driving the riding lawnmower yet?

I miss Big John too and I only barely knew him. That's how powerful he was. He reminds me of someone else I miss.
They might not have known it, but LSU beat Duke last night for him.


Greta said...

okay renee you keep giving him beer and you will take the lead for mother of the year award...i guess i'll have to top you so i can still be in the't kids the best...oh i could just eat him up

Spikey1 said...

Happy 18 ,,, wont be long before its years! xo

Vee said...

I can hardly remember mine at 18 months. I wish there were blogs back then. He just turned 11 and it's all just happening too fast!

I'm glad he's getting to an age where we can start doing fun things together like going to concerts or movies not rated G.

Mama Tiff said...

He's adorable. It's nice you're keeping a blog / entries on him to remember. Little boys are so cute to me! (I'm pregnant with a boy right now, so go figure). I enjoy your blog. p.s. I love easymac, it's so convenient when I'm dead tired.

DebbieDoesLife said...

You are from Louisiana! Drinking beer at 18 months! I'm sure he already can peel crawfish with the best of 'em!

He is adorable.

Mama B said...

Great post for John M. Yes, they do grow up too fast!!

Lala's world said...

that was such a great blog!! love it!! made me laugh...the beer....yup we done that too! body exploration in bathtubs....hmmm ya that's always fun!!

Beth said...

That was sooo sweet....just reading it so much of it reminded me of my little guy!!! They are boys thats for doubt about that. It is so much fun have a boy...I love it!!

Mary Tsao said...

Wow, I can really tell from that picture how much he's grown. He looks like such a little boy now. I love your description of what he's into now. What a great thing to do. I should do this for my kids. It helps put life in perspective, too. It's not all whining and crying, at least not all the time. :)

MarkD60 said...

Year and a half! Wow! My friends son is about the same age and it sounds sooo familiar/similar!!!

Jamie said...

What a cutie and what a wonderful post. My favorite line is "A boy is exactly what I needed and God gave me the perfect one." :)

mommyof4 said...

He is such a cutie. I have three girls and one boy so I know the joy of having him be your only boy!:)

holli said...

PFTZ - the chocolate dipped dog turd, AA and "more familiar with body parts while in tub" comments made me laugh. Happy 18 months!!!

Krisco said...

He is so cute. And this is a very sweet post. It's good to write all this down; the things you think you will remember forever, and before you know it, it's slipped away....

Laurie said...

Oh, God! He is just so cute! What a beautiful note to John M.

DaniGirl said...

*wipes tears on sleeve*

That was beautiful, man! Why do they have to grow up???

Nicki said...

So sweet!! He's such a cutie.

I know exactly what you mean about the last baby thing and the one boy thing.