Monday, February 06, 2006

"I'd rather have 'nothing' than have to give in!"

Just a quick Anna and Emma story from last night:

The three of us are playing Polly Pockets (my personal favorite all-time thing to play) and we're having our normal 'pageant' where we each get 5 Pollies, dress them up, and narrow it down one by one (beauty pageant style) until there's a winner.

Well, there's usually an argument about who gets to pick the winner. This is done when there are 2 left. One person picks them up, juggles them around while the other person closes their eyes and picks the winner. Neither of these people is ever me. (I know, this is crazy, but this IS my house, so what else would go on besides craziness?) Anyway, last night. It got down to this part and who was going to pick the winner.

It went something like this:

Anna: Okay, Emma went first picking who to 'vote out' (yes, we live EVERYTHING in the style of Survivor), so I'll pick the winner.

Me: Okay, that sounds fair.

Emma: Nooooo-awah!! I want to pick the winner. Mom said I could.

Me: Well, that was when . .

Anna: No, Mom said I could do it because you went first!

Emma: No, I get to do it.

Anna: (some whining something)

Emma: (some whining something in return)

Me: (thinking I'll nip this in the bud right away) Okay, well I guess we'll just have to stop playing and go to bed if y'all can't agree.

Anna: Okay!

Emma: Alright

And they both throw the Pollies in the 'Polly Bucket'.

Hence, the title. Even 'nothing', going to bed, no more playing, is BETTER than having to agree and give in.

Proof that I have two of the most stubborn children ever.

And where does 99% of that stubbornness come from?

That would be me.


momyblogR said...

How funny that they would rather go to bed than agree, lol. Man oh man, mine would not only agree but would vow to NEVER let such a thing happen again.

chesneygirl said...

Sounds like a young girl I used to know....well.....I MIGHT still know her.
(It would be a cold day in hell before my little brother could have his way over me...and to this day he expects nothing less from Princess stubborn) :)

MarkD60 said...

Just when I was thinking you had the perfect family and everone was perfect angels!

Laurie said...

Holy cow, that's hilarious!

Lala's world said...

that is something my kids would have done then continued to argue about while they laid in bed!! I like your girl's approach!!

Anonymous said...

ROFL! Too damn funny! Sounds like me and my sister.

Carrie Guevara said...

LOL! I love it when sisters are that close that they have their own set of rules with each other. Say, do you happen to know the trick to getting the Polly Pocket wet-suit on? ;)

Spikey1 said...

Wow, that never works in my house...

The Tribe Has Spoken!

Suz said...

That is funny that they went to bed instead.

When my daughter was little Polly Pockets were tiny little things that always got lost.

Hugs Suz

Renee said...

Carrie -
Hmm . . the wetsuit, we never had one of those so no, I'm afraid I can't help. The regular clothes are hard enough to get on!

Suz -
Yeah, we have some of those tiny ones and they suck!Too easy to lose. I like the big ones much better. ;)

Jodes said...


klanglee said...

A polly pocket beauty fun! Because I have a little boy, we always have a play "war" between the Spiderman brothers (because he has about 5 of the same one) and his GI Joe men..sometimes Elmo, Cookie Monster, and the gang jump in too!

JeepGirl said...

I always blame the dad for all the bad behavior in my house. Hehe
My kids do that too. Makes the raising of children interesting doesn't it?
Hey, when my 13 year old was younger and had polly pockets, you couldn't dress them up. Thats not fair, they've come out with ones to dress now?? We were lucky if they bent their legs.

Heather said...

That is so funny, I can't imagine my Jack agreeing to goign to bed rather that giving in. Funny story.

candyfortheteacher said...

Well that is girls. Stubborn til the bitter end. Practice for marriage.

Melanhead said...

Dude, I saw these Pollie toys on the commercial. It stunned me and my husband. You just place the doll in the seat, and it pops out the other end all dressed up.

Do they come life-size?

tara said...

girls.... huh, renee? :)
funny story, thanks for sharing.
polly pockets, they bring back memories.(no, i was too old for them) but, i babysat two little girls who had them... man were the clothes HARD to put on!!!

DaniGirl said...

I *so* need a girl!!

In our house, every night is a race to see who can get nekkid first and I had to implement a 'first winner' and 'second winner' ranking, because one of them not being a winner was simply not acceptable. That's going to come back and bite me in the ass someday, I'm sure of it!

Ex-playgroup mommy said...

hahahah...great story!

LAMommyof3 said...

Too funny! Well, at least they were able to drop it! My boys would have been SCREAMING at the top of their lungs before giving up. They are at this stage where they drive each other (AND ME) crazy!! :)

dana said...

This all sounds so familiar to me, my girls are 12 and 8(will be nine in 2weeks).