Friday, February 03, 2006

Blessings Count

Thanks, Heather, for reminding me regularly, through your blog, to count my blessings. I forget sometimes.
Here goes:

1.) This face:

2.) The faces of that face's two sisters, that I'm too lazy to import pictures of at the moment.

3.) Having my family nearby to keep me going on a daily basis.

4.) A great babysitter who watches my three little faces and gives them loads of love and attention when I'm away.

5.) Cane's chicken tenders

6.) Great, big comfy sweatshirts to sleep in.

7.) The automatic door on my van.

8.) My blog.

9.) Warm weather.

I feel better now. Blessings counted.
It's only 8:44 but I'm going to bed.


Mary Tsao said...

A good night's sleep is a blessing, too. Great list! Also a great reminder.

Cindy N. said...

I always count going to bed early as a blessing. I am glad you are looking at things positively now. That helps to get over the frustration of overload.

Heather said...

Great list. #3 me too, I love being near all my family.

MarkD60 said...

Yeah, warm weather.
And going to bed early and waking up early too.
That's a great picture!

Mullet46 said...

Watching your children run, skip, jump, play, learn and love. Healthy in body and mind--what else is there?

Melanhead said...

5.b. Cane's sauce for the chicken tenders!

Krisco said...

Cute face, and great list!. I ditto Mary; thanks for the reminders.

Mama B said...

Yes, we all do have a lot to be thankful for. Sometimes it's so easy to take everything for granted. My list can go on forever!!!

chesneygirl said...

Always good to keep yourself in check!
This was a good reminder for me!
thanks! :)

Spikey1 said...

Great list. Thanks for sharing

JeepGirl said...

Great thoughts, but wow, look at those eyes ! What a little man!

Isn't that the truth. I am so in debt to my babysitter. She is wonderful and down to earth. Cares for my kids as much as her own. It is hard nowadays to find good sitters. Even tho I don't know if I could do it full time but I do believe that they are underpaid for the job responsibility that they take on. Important and precious cargo that they have to tend to.

Suz said...

What a wonderful list of thankful things. We all need to remember to count our blessings. Thanks for sharing.

Hugs Suz

Anne said...

So true. Whenever I start spiraling down the vortex of self-pity, realizing all of the importnat things always pulls me back out. I can't be thankful enough. and you wrote a really nice list too.

Sarah said...

What a cute picture! Good for you, for counting your blessings!

Anne said...

I love Canes!! I used to eat there at least once a week! Cute picture..and a cute blog too..I am enjoying reading.. thanks!