Monday, September 05, 2005

The spirit of the Big Easy

I saw a story on the local news last night about the higher ground in New Orleans, including much of the French Quarter, Jackson Square, etc. This part of the city fared the best during Katrina, not having flooded much at all, if any. They are without power and water, but otherwise pretty much in tact. The news story featured places such as Cafe Du Monde and Brennan's. The strange thing was, other than the fact that basically no one was in these places, you couldn't even tell that a hurricane had been there. There were people dancing in the streets, having their own 'Decadence' parade, which is apparently a tradition on Labor Day and there were musicians on the street trying to keep the New Orleans spirit alive. It was the one story I've seen in the past week that made life feel the same again. I realize that life will actually never BE the same again for the people of New Orleans and the surrounding areas . . or for anyone really. But seeing this little piece of New Orleans the way it used to be made me breathe a little easier. I have full confidence that the whole of New Orleans will be back to the way it once was; it'll just take a while to get there. A city that holds so much history already, will have another big story to tell. I, personally, cannot wait to take my children there again and stroll the historic streets and finally take them on that first streetcar ride that I've been promising them for a long time. And be so grateful that we're all able to have this beautiful city as a part of our lives.

All of the people of New Orleans and the surrounding areas remain in our prayers.

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