Tuesday, September 20, 2005

A few Anna and Emma-isms

I've been trying to be a little more aware of the things the girls say - even when they're just talking to each other. They say some really funny shit and I usually forget. Here are a couple from the past week that I remember:

As we're passing the American Legion Hall in our little tiny home town of Ventress, we notice an older man standing outside, apparently waiting for a meeting being held there to start. He's wearing his vest and hat for whatever this organization was.
Emma (very excited!): Hey, look Mom, it's the Pope! (she said this serious as a heart attack.) Then,
Anna: Emma, that's not the pope!
Me: No, it's definitely not.
Anna: It's the bishop, Emma!
Me: much laughing

At the dentist's office last week, Anna had a new dentist in the group examine her. She was a young lady who Anna really liked and this new dentist was a few months pregnant. Afterward, their regular dentist came in to examine Emma. He's pretty funny and really tall, by the way.

Anna: (in front of the regular tall, male dentist) Emma, you should have gone to Dr. Ann, she's really nice.
Emma: (Silence)
Dr. Daly (the tall regular): Well, I guess I can't compete with Dr. Ann, I'm not nice, huh?
Emma: You're REALLY TALL.
Dr. Daly: Hmm . . well maybe I should be more like Dr. Ann; I'll be nice.
Anna: Just don't be pregnant!

Okaaay . . Anna.

There have been many more but I forget. I need to carry around a notepad and jot them down at the time, because I'm elderly and my memory is going. I'll try to do better so I can share them here. Peace out.

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