Friday, August 12, 2005

My brain is doing the backstroke!

My mind is swimming. It swims a lot lately, but today is worse than usual. My normal weekdays consist of mostly work and my normal weekends, mostly kids. But today, I had the morning off of work to go to Anna and Emma's orientations for school. I met with teachers, chatted with friends, chatted with other mothers, unpacked school supplies, labeled a variety of shit, stopped at the sitters' to let my kids know who their teachers were, and then came to work. By the time I got here, I had a million thoughts in my head. I can't stop these thoughts from floating around, so I can't concentrate. Here's a little peek into my head:

"Today is my mom and dad's wedding anniversary, I need to call my mom.

How long have they been married . . I should know that? Let's see I'm almost 36, Kelli's 37, so
they've been married 38 years. Wow, that's a long time.

Let me grab my phone and call her. Oh, I need to ask her about keeping the baby Tuesday b/c
Mrs. Sam is taking the day off. But I have that gift for my mom so I'll just ask her then. Okay.

Tuesday . . my mom will keep the baby. What about Anna and Em? Oh, they'll be in school.
Did I get all the forms from their school? How will I get it back? Their folders. Oh, I left Anna's folder.
Oh well, she'll put it in her booksack.

They'll have to take the bus to school this year. I hope they don't have a long bus ride. I'll have to change
my work hours to work around that. And I need to take leave Monday for the first day of school. But I've been taking so much leave, how to rig that.

The sleepover this weekend. . I need stuff for that. But I'd rather shoot myself in the right nostril then go to Wal-Mart again. Maybe Dollar Tree. On break? that'll be a long break, but maybe Krystal will join me. It'll be fun. How much stuff do I need? I can't spend much money b/c I'm broke.

etc, etc"

That's pretty much my brain all day today. Only with about 2000 other things mixed in. Does anyone know what I mean? Okay, too many things to think about. Gotta go. Peace out.

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