Sunday, August 21, 2005

The Gap

I brought the kids to the zoo today for a birthday party. It poured down rain the entire time, but we still managed to have a good time. The trip to the zoo got me thinking about The Gap. Not the one in the mall, but the one in my family. Between my 9 and 7 yr olds and the baby. You see, I have two built-in babysitters. See them here -->
Many people told me when I was pregnant with little John 'oh, you already have 2 babysitters living with you'. I'd smile and agree, but I'd still wonder. Would the newness of the baby wear off quickly and my babysitters would run for cover? Were they too young to really help? The answer to both of these is definitely not. They help me in a countless number of ways every single day. I remember the days when Anna had just turned two and Emma was born. With Mark working a lot and out of town often, I was on my own. I'd pick them up from the babysitter and listen to them both scream. I'd turn my radio up in the car so I didn't have to hear them. I'd try to rock Emma to sleep and Anna would run in, looking for attention and hit Emma on the head and grin from ear to ear. Little sucker. The car was always hell; I couldn't get to them; they'd cry and I couldn't help. And we have lots of time in the car.
It's all different now. My 2 little SuperNannys have changed the whole experience of having a baby. In the car, they give him his bottle, retrieve lost 'noopies', tickle him for entertainment, feed him Cheerios, anything I need. He rarely cries on trips because he has his two favorite people right beside him giving him constant love and attention.
Even at home, I have help changing John, feeding him, watching him while I do housework, and just generally having a good time with him. I SERIOUSLY don't think I could have made it this far without them. They will be so prepared when they have babies of their own.
If you're reading this and have 2 older children and wondering if you want to start over with another, my advice to you would be 'do it'! It'll be different this time around. And when you see the three of them playing together and all of them giggling so hard they can't stop, your eyes will tear up and you'll wonder how you got to be so lucky. And how life is wonderful. And you'll be happy you have that one extra to fill The Gap.
(but also smart enough to stop right there) :^) Three is a perfect number for us.


Stephanie said...

Hey Renee,
Thoroughly enjoyed your blogs. How the hell do you find time to do this? Loved all the pictures! I'll check back soon...

Mary Tsao said...

Thanks for this post. For some reason I can't say for sure "I'm done" with two, but I imagine that if I have another he/she will definitely be a gap child. I'm glad to hear it's working out for you; you give me hope that if we decide to go for #3 in the far-away future that things will be different than they are now.