Sunday, August 21, 2005

John looks afraid

I think he's afraid of my hair in this picture <--. I know I am. So, it's almost midnight and I can't go to sleep. I was a housework fool today. I even ironed until 10:30 pm tonight. WOW! Then, I searched Anna's computer for pictures of the little blue-jean jackets I talked about here. No luck. Where'd those pictures go? No clue. So, now here I sit checking my email on a weekend, which I never do. Thanks, Cindy, Tara, Tiffany, Alison, and Cherie for the compliments on my blog. I'm glad I finally got brave enough to send it to y'all. I figure it's a way to keep in touch with y'all that I don't get to see often (Tara and Tiff). I hope I can keep it up. But I get lazy. What else? I'm trying to redo a flower bed (aka weedbed) on one side of our house. It's not fun; lots of ants and thorny weeds. If anyone would like to come by and do it for me, I'll be grateful. I'll even take you out to eat at Big Boy's! Any takers? What do you mean 'no'?
Well, I guess I'll sign off now and go see if I can catch a rerun of Survivor. It's the Outback season with Colby! OMG, How cute is Colby?! We're off to the zoo tomorrow. Hope it's not 102 degrees.

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beki said...

What? You up checking email at this time of the night? I must be insane because I'm doing the same thing.