Friday, August 26, 2005

Destination 2025

Last year, Anna's third grade class created a book called 'Destination 2025' documenting what they thought life would be like in 20 years. They wrote about their families, their jobs, their goals, and predictions of the future. The book was published by a company called 'Nationwide Learning' and they did a great job. We received the book this week and some of the kids' answers made me smile! Here are a few examples:


'I want a husband who will wait on me 'hand and foot!' He will do what I want, and when I want it done'. (You go, girl! Just make sure you don't relay that quote to him before you have that ring on your finger.)

'I will not be living with a family because I will not get married. I might have a dog'. (I can just hear all the men out there saying that this kid is making a wise move.)

'My mother will be 54 and my father will be 56. My sister will be 34 and my brother will be 37. My dog will be dead.' (He's in touch with reality!)


'I want to be a dentist because I like to look in people's mouths.' (Exactly why I didn't want to be a dentist! I must have seen way worse looking mouths than she has).


'The cars will be different. They will run on chocolate!' (I would love that. I'd get me a big, long straw and have it made on long car trips with no food establishments in site!)

'Flowers will be able to talk and sing at nightime.' (Okay, that just freaks me out a little).

'I think we will have a new state, and it will be named 'Jesus'. You get there by rollercoaster. We go there for vacations'. (This was my very favorite from the whole book. Elton John should write a song about it.)

'The president will be truthful' (Hmm . . there's probably a better chance that I'll be living in East Jesus sucking chocolate gas out of my car to the tunes of a singing dandelion.)

I absolutely loved this book. Creativity thrives in the mind of the young!


Laurie said...

Hi! Thanks for coming to my website...thought I'd reciprocate in kind. You're definitely on my favorites now! I love those quotes...I hope my son's class does something like that when he gets to that age!

Great blog!

Anonymous said...

You are so funny, Na!! You have your Daddy's sense of humor and your Mama's goofiness. Such a good combination, huh??
I love the kissing photo. That boy , what a Don Juan!!


Anonymous said...

Girl, you are so crazy! I actually laughed out loud at this post. I love it when you comment on the president being truthful prediction..."sucking chocolate gas and living in East Jesus" crack me up! Don't ever change, Renee!

Peace out
your work homey..