Thursday, December 07, 2006

Single Mom

That's what I feel like these days.

Mark has been working like crazy. I knew this. I expected it. I mean, he just started a new job less than a month ago that's in a galaxy far, far away. I knew what I was in store for, and I put on my 'positive attitude, it'll get better' cap.

Surprisingly, that cap has been doing its job. It hasn't been all that bad.

Mark used to travel A LOT when the girls were babies and when I tell you, I had a time with the 'single mother' thing, I'm not lying. Of course, back then I had 2 babies only 2 years apart that required all of my attention. Now, with the 11 and 9-year-olds and one small hurricane, it's so much different. Actually, so much easier.

I'm hoping that these 15-hour work days shorten in the very near future though, just because we miss having him around. And that, in the long run, this was a good decision. I have a feeling that it was, I just have to give it time.

By the way, that picture there is of the 5-day-old hurricane about 2 years ago. I didn't have new pictures, so I thought we'd review that one.

P.S. The Emma-sheep performed last night and guess who didn't take one picture? you guessed it. Add that to my bad-mother list. But there is a DVD to buy of the whole production! Yippee!


martie said...

It must be rough for you...doing the single mom thing again after all these years. It WILL be worth it in the long run. It just takes time to make the adjustment again.....hang in there, I'm thinking of ya! HUGS!!

BTW, JM sure was a darling baby and that's why he's so cute now!!!

chesneygirl said...

You are keeping such a positive attitude, which I'm sure is not easy, GOOD FOR YOU!!!

I bet the 11 & 9 year old can help you out with the hurricane. That would be so nice to have for my little hurricane!! Can I borrow them?

Suzanne said...

Good luck -- I know how you feel with the solo parenting (although with only two kids instead of three!).

^starshine said...

I don't mind being alone during the day, its the night time when the Hubby should be home and he is really really late from working a very very long day that bothers me.

Hang in there!

Greta said...

you keep that shit up sista and you will have me beat for that mother of the year award coming up in

Anonymous said...

I hear ya! You are handling it better than me!

Cheryl Wray said...

That picture is absolutely adorable! Such a cutie-pie!
I know how hard it must be to be a Single Mom these days. But it will get better!
Aint' that the truth that a third little one is so much easier when the other kids are older? Mine are 14, 10, and 2, and the little one just tags along with her older sisters and it has always been relatively easy with her (the only problem is that I'm such an OLDER Mom with her; ugh!)

Amanda said...

What I love about you is your postive thoughts and humor.I pray that it all works out for your family soon.

My favorite line from Steel Magnolias "what doesn't kill us make us stronger".