Friday, December 15, 2006

Happy 61st, Daddy!

My father would have been 61 today. I did a similar post to this one last year with a baby picture of him, so I figured I'd do a teen picture this time. It's hard to believe, but I think he may have even gotten cuter.

I see so many people in my father's face. I see a little bit of me, a little of my boy, and a lot of my sister's oldest boy. The funny thing is both of the boys mentioned are named after my dad. That says a lot right there.

I could never fully express what a wonderful father he was, how thinking about him just for a few seconds makes me cry. How I miss him so much every day and how little things remind me of him all the time.

His death has definitely given me a different perspective on the death of others since. Before, I could only see the sadness in death, but now I see a reuniting of my father with his friends and family. Our family may be shrinking here, but his is growing and that makes me smile.

Happy Birthday, Daddy. I love you.


Mrs. Flinger said...

Happy Birthday, Dad! ;-)

chesneygirl said...

Dammit!'re making me cry. AT WORK!!!

I have all of these very same feelings about my grandpa. I was so very close to him and not a day goes by that I don't think of him and miss him. The 8th anniversary of his passing is coming up on the 28th.
And you know what? son is named after him too! :)

Happy Birthday FroggieDaddy!!

Heather said...

That is so sweet. I thought of John (my husband) and his relationship with our kids while reading this and I hope one day they will say such kind words about him as you have said about your dad.

Anonymous said...

aw, what a sweet post about your dad. He sounded like a wonderful man!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Na for the wonderful tribute to your daddy. "Froggggy" echoes in my mind and heart every time I hear your voice on the phone. He is always here, still taking care of us, still protecting us,and still touching our lives with his goodness and unconditional love.

martie said...

Cherish your memories! Naive's Dad passed away when she was 7 and her brothers almost 4 and 2 1/2. They don't have many memories of him.....only what I have told them but he was a wonderful husband and daddy to them.

I'm glad you are able to see the passing as a celebration now.


Anne said...

I had no idea you lost your father too, Renee but I do know how awful it is. My Dad's birthday is/was 4 days before your Dad's...and for some reason this year was a little more difficult for me than usual. sigh. Nice job with your tribute post.

Amanda said...

Beautiful post!!!

Lisa M. said...

My Dad died about five years ago. I miss him more than anything.

I too have learned so much from his death.

I love that life is eternal!

Thank you for sharing this with us.

mamatulip said...

This is such a touching, heartfelt post about your father. My mom's birthday is coming up and you know, it's a really hard day for me.

I love what you said about your family shrinking, yet your father's is growing. That is such a unique and beautiful way to look at it, Renee.

acaligurl said...

great post, and great pic!

BlondeMom said...

I love this post about your father Renee. I can't imagine how much you miss him. Hugs! You've gone and made me cry.

Anthony B. said...

It is heart breaking to know that my god father died but Iam trying to hold strong in life.