Saturday, December 16, 2006

All I Want for Christmas . .

I actually made a list this year that I have saved on my desktop at work of things that I want for Christmas. Not things that I actually expect to get, but things that I yearn to have. Problem being lack of dinero.

Anyway, I thought I'd share. Let me know what's on your list so we can whine about not getting these things the day after Christmas.

1.) An I-pod Nano (Apple has these on their site refurbished for under 100 bucks. Hmmm...)
2.) A new laptop. I know I just got one but, long story.
3.) New bathroom towels.
4.) New set of pots/pans. Boring, yes, but I need them.
5.) New oven. Ditto #4. Mine has been broken for over 2 years now, but I'm not a cook so I put it off.
6.) New chairs for my dining room table.

I figured these things would be about 2000 bucks. So, I'm only about 1960 short.

Yeah, yeah, Merry Christmas. Only 8 more days. Yikes.


Anonymous said...

Gosh my list is way too long and too far fetched. Oh well, such is life =)

Greta said...

believe it or not i haven't asked for anything this year...prolly because i am not in the mood...go figure

teri said...

who are the list of people that buy for you for Christmas? Is it possible that some of the smaller stuff could be bought? If a couple of people chipped in they could get you that ipod, or the pots/pans.

I hope you get at least one thing on your list.

martie said...

I would write a list, but I already had a call fro Santa telling me I've been a 'good bad girl' this year and he's not bringing me anything.....he said hubby should...LOL

lammyann said...

Christmas is like this every year for me....
I get freakish about the money--
but this year, I'm finally getting something that has been on my list FOR.E.VER.
Here's hoping you'll get at least one!!!
(Got my hubs the nano for his birthday and he loves it.)

chesneygirl said...

I hope you get the Ipod. I have one and I love love love it!!! LOVE. Matter of fact I would die without it now.

On my list that I know I'll never get and never buy myself....the Friends DVD box sets - Seasons 1-10...they're like $40/season.
...and a dishwasher.

*sigh* Ah well.

Renee said...

Hey Ches -
Guess what? I just ordered myself the Ipod. I really, really wanted one so I just did it.
I just told Mark I was getting my own xmas present this year!

Cheryl Wray said...

Hee hee ... know how you feel!! That sucky money just gets in the way!
I don't have a lot of big things on my list--want a few new books, some perfume, some scrapbooking goodies. I would love an Ipod, but not yet . . .
Ooh... just looked at your last comment. Yay for the Ipod! I have heard that they are the coolest!

Shash said...

You're not 1960 short.... you're 40 closer to your goal. I like your list, I wouldn't mind some of those things either! Think of it more as a goal sheet rather than a wish list. Somehow that sounds more reachable... ;-) Merry Christmas!!

Lisa M. said...


I could echo almost all of them.

My list included, new carpet, new couch, new crown molding/trim/a bird/ and chocolates.

Being a diabetic, I really doubt, that I'll get one thing on my list. *smile*

I was assured though, that it was indeed an eclectic list.

Merry Christmas, my dear!

BlondeMom said...

Yea for you for ordering your present!

Oh girl...I would do a ton of stuff to our poor old house. Since we've had the girls we've quit remodeling and fixing it up the way we want to. I want new flooring in our kitchen and I'd love to rip out the nasty ass doggiefied carpet in our den and possibly replace all that flooring with hardwoods. We need a new stove and microwave (well need is a strong word.) ;) I'd love to do stainless steel appliances in our kitchen. Oh, and I'd love to totally renovate our bathroom.