Thursday, November 02, 2006

From Billy Ray to Miley

Emma's latest purchase is a 'Hannah Montana' CD, you know from Disney? She is the daughter of Billy Ray Cyrus (remember? Achey Breakey Heart?) and her real name is Miley. My girl has been waiting for a Miley Cyrus CD to come out since the summer, so she pounced on it when it appeared at the Mart of Wal.

Here comes the strange part: I listen to it all the time. In my car, by myself. Sans kids. What the hell? The thing is, I love fun music. It doesn't have to be quality music, as long as it's fun and dance-able. In my own 'white-girl', geeky dance way, I enjoy it. To quote American Bandstanders, if 'it has a good beat and you can dance to it.' , I'm there.

And it doesn't hurt that when I don't have the girls with me, Hannah Montana keeps their energy with me. So, I'm learning every single song on that CD and I'll be singing them over and over for a while, at least until Christmas.

So, try not to knock those 'weirdos' listening to The Gogos, Debbie Gibson, New Kids OnThe Block, Tiffany, Midnight Star (and the list goes on . . ) because hey, I'm one of them.

Now, I'm off to rock to some Milli Vanilli.


Cheryl Wray said...

I have to admit it, but G and I both really like the Hannah Montana show. Billy Ray cracks me up on that!
And, yes, D has already announced that she must have the CD and the DVD for Christmas.
Even Scout sings the HM songs by heart (and she's just 2!)

Chantal said...

My daughters love that show. I should get them the CD for Christmas!

Oh and NKOTB rules all...

Tracy said...

We have not yet added the Hannah Montana cd to our collection, but by 11 and 9 yr olds watch the show ALL of the time! I'm sure the cd/dvd will be on the list for Christmas!

I would never "knock those weirdos", 'cause I am one too! My kids think I'm NUTS when I put on the Purple Rain cd and start dancing around the living room :)

Krisco said...

I love danceable music too. Anything happy and peppy is good by me.

I even like the funk hip-hop stations because guess what - I have no idea what they're saying or who the groups are - but they have some danceable tunes on those stations!

(I'm too suburban housewife to have a CLUE who I am listening to - I once had to ask the teen at the McDonald's drive-thru who was on my car radio once - and she clearly thought I was insane to ask such an obvious question - but there it is.)

Carrie Guevara said...

Both of my girls, especially the eldest LOVE them some Hanna Montana. When they discovered that she (Miley) had an album it was all they could talk about. As a parent I think she's pretty great too. She's self assured, confident and doesn't dress like a 25 year old at Mardi Gras. I did do a spit take the day I found out who her dad was.;)

chesneygirl said...

I've never seen the show. But I have heard of it and know it's popular among pre-teens.

I'm very anti-Billy Ray Cyrus myself. He's a jerk in real life. Long story.

However, you sure did stir up some memories with your list of groups and singers. NKOTB was the BOMB!
I saw them twice in concert.

And don't forget Wham! LOVED them!

Excuse me while I go kick it to some "wake me up before you go go don't leave me hanging like a yo-yo....." :::bopping around in my office:::

^starshine said...

Did you know that "Hanna Montana" is the number one record??

Also, the only record to debut at 1 million copies sold (beating out the likes of Justin Timberlake, and Janet Jackson) is Disney's "High School Musical!"

Go figure on that one!

Jane said...

I find myself listening to Cheetah Girls when my daughter is not in the car. In addition, I am ashamed to say that my 8 year old has an IPOD and I do not. Oh, how the tables have turned when I and asking HER to borrow something. By the way, the same concept of music also goes for TV. I've found myself watching the Disney Channel when my kids are not home.