Saturday, July 23, 2005


This is my boy. John. Or John M. Or John-John. Or Booger. Whatever you want to call him. Do you want to swallow him whole? Me too.

John showed up in our lives last September. We can't figure out how we ever made it without him. You see, after our two girls (the last of which we had over 7 years ago), we didn't think we'd have any more children, but John decided he wanted to see the world. So, he picked us to show him. He's named after my dad and it's funny because he looks a lot like him and has qualities about him that remind me of my daddy. We went to Austin, Texas on vacation and brought him with us and he was perfectly content to just sit in his car seat while we traveled. He sat there for hours without complaint. My dad loved to travel, so I'm thinking there's a little piece of my dad in John that likes to travel too. He also has a general sweetness that my dad had and he's a rascal too. So, my mom and I like to think that we have a little bit of big John M. here on earth with us, in little John M. He has made all of our lives complete. Mine, my husband's, and my daughters'. John constantly entertains us and makes us laugh. If someone is having a bad day, they come and take John and watch him for a while and he'll cheer them up in no time flat. He loves to give big open-mouthed kisses. And he'll even pull your hair as a bonus. He's just started to say 'uh-oh' and wave 'bye-bye' so we think he's the smartest baby to ever crawl the earth. Yes, he's spoiled. But HOW did we ever make it without him?


Tracy said...

This is such a cute picture!

AdeleOlinde said...

He is just so John M.- June cute!!
His soul is blessed with your daddy's goodness,wisdom, and sense of mischief. In years to come, it will all be evident that he is indeed God's gift, so we may have June with us, still.