Saturday, July 02, 2005

100 Things About Me

1. My real first name is Suzanne, not Renee.
2. No one has ever called me Suzanne, except my orthodontist who used to call me 'Suzy Q'. I have no idea why.
3. I was born in 1969.
4. I'm a Scorpio.
5. I have one sister, Kelli, who is only 15 mo. older than me. I have no brothers.
6. I only have one uncle (my mom's brother), and no aunts. My daddy was an only child.
7. I'm left-handed.
8. When I was three, I used to pull my hair out and scream 'Love me, mama' at the top of my lungs.
9. I still do that some days . . okay, not really.
10. I was born and raised next door to the house I live in now.
11. I never called my grandfathers 'Paw-Paw' or 'Grandpa'. They were Pod and Hard-Head.
12. Both my grandmothers, I called 'Maw-Maw'.
13. I have a degree in Advertising.
14. I've never worked in Advertising, except the summer of 1991, when I interned in NYC.
15. While in NYC, I'd eat every other meal at the Lyric Diner. (I ate about 50 club sandwiches from there, during my stay.)
16. My husband and I met in Advanced Math class my senior year of high school.
17. If you would have asked me the last person on earth I thought I'd marry that year, I would
have named my husband.
18. Our first date was on April 4th, the same date as my mom and dad's first date about 30 years before.
19. I drank way too much my first year in college.
20. I had my lowest GPA ever my first semester in college. Go figure.
21. I made my best grades in my Philosophy classes. I think I missed my calling.
22. I've had really short labors for my kids. My longest was 7.5 hours and my shortest 4.5 hours.
23. I don't think I have a favorite color.
24. If my first born was a boy, her name would be Adam.
25. If my second born was a boy, her name would be Jacques.
26. If my third born was a girl, his name would be Lila.
27. My third born is named after my dad, John Morris.
28. My mom and dad met in 1st grade.
29. I have way too many gray hairs to count.
30. I've had gray hair since I was 19.
31. I have 16 years until I can retire.
32. I can't play any musical instruments.
33. My favorite flower is the tulip.
34. I carried plastic tulips in my wedding. Tacky? I know.
35. One of my best friends kicked me out of her wedding a couple of months ago.
36. At one time or another, I had many Dr. Seuss books memorized.
37. I once had a mole removed from my butt (TMI).
38. My tubes are now tied!
39. I have bad vision (20/250, 20/400) but have stopped wearing contacts or glasses.
40. I took Spanish for two years and can only say phrases like 'the bull is black', etc.
41. My favorite movis is 'Goodfellas'.
42. Did I mention I love Kenny Chesney?
43. I know the words to almost every Kenny Chesney song.
44. My parents took us to cool concerts growing up. We saw Styx, Fleetwood Mac, The Eagles, etc while elementary school age.
45. I remember smelling pot and having no idea what it was.
46. I've never even smoked one cigarette.
47. I could live off of french fries.
48. I've won many 4-H awards in my lifetime.
49. We own cattle.
50. We own horses.
51. If you ask me anything about raising cattle or horses, I can't help you.
52. I love to pick pecans.
53. I love BINGO.
54. I think I'm about 30 years too young.
55. I've always wanted a swimming pool in my back yard.
56. I had one once, but it got a hole in it and Wal-Mart wouldn't take it back.
57. My oldest daughter's middle name is after my mom, Adele.
58. I can never remember how to spell diarrhea.
59. I have a lot of that word I can't remember how to spell.
60. I don't like Chinese food.
61. I love to travel . . just about anywhere.
62. My parents took us to almost every state in the US, when we were growing up.
63. I've never travelled overseas.
64. I'd love to go to Greece.
65. I could go to Disneyworld every week and never get tired of it.
66. I want to marry Mickey Mouse.
67. I love water parks.
68. I love amusement park rides, but have to scream on every one, even the teacups.
69. I don't like tea.
70. Or coffee.
71. I've taken a macrame class.
72. I love Photoshop.
73. I design some of the web pages for the State of Louisiana website.
74. It's my favorite part of my job.
75. I used to work in Purchasing.
76. My favorite thing I ever purchased was bull semen. Oh, and once, a mechanical vagina.
77. We have a cat named Pearl.
78. I don't really like cats.
79. I like gardening, but am not particularly good at it.
80. My favorite thing to plant is agapanthas. I also love hibiscus.
81. I went to Arkansas on my honeymoon.
82. I love the casinos and playing Blackjack.
83. I can't make a gumbo. (I should be kicked out of Louisiana).
84. I like playing Bourre.
85. I just had to look up how to spell 'Bourre'. I wanted to put Boo-ray.
86. I have fat feet.
87. I don't wear eye make-up.
88. I went K-12th grade at the same Catholic school.
89. My kids go to that school now.
90. I like Country Music.
91. I've never been to Jazzfest, but I've been to the French Quarter festival.
92. I like to fish, but won't take the fish off the line or bait the hook myself.
93. I have to fish with a friend.
94. My daddy caught a gar fish one time, and I almost jumped out of the boat.
95. I've never broken a bone. I've only fractured my hand once.
96. I wrecked 2 red cars within a few months of each other. I drive a white car now.
97. I like cotton underwear. (more TMI)
98. I never babysat once growing up.
99. I like onions on anything.
100. I like when I get to the end of a list.


chesneygirl said...

I'm left handed too!

My 1st born was a boy and I did name him Adam! :)
If he had a been a girl her name would be....Chesney :)

My husband was born and raised in the house we live next door to now.

I took Spanish for two years also.

I LOOOOVE Kenny Chesney. And I know most every word to every one of his songs too! ;)

I do not like tea or coffee either, Yuck!

I LOVE country music too!

I've never broken a bone either.

Oh....and one more middle name is Renee. :)

klanglee said...

Bull semen..mechanical vagina..doesn't sounds like your average Walmart items!

BayouMaMa2 said...
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BayouMaMa2 said...

This was funny...and interesting. I'm laughing at this one particularly:

"84. I like playing Bourre.

85. I just had to look up how to spell 'Bourre'. I wanted to put Boo-ray."

I thought that "Boo-ray" was how you spell it! LOL!

Personally, I've never played it, but I'm not too bad at Spades. ;-)