Thursday, July 21, 2005

Dollar Tree

(I found this cute little green frog on the internet. I'm trying to figure out how to get him on my template. But so far, no luck.)

My girls, Anna and Emma, LOVE the Dollar Tree. You know, where every single thing in the store is only a dollar. I'm mentioning this now because we went there yesterday. I had gone the day before (Yikes, Dollar Tree two days in a row!) and had forgotten some things so I told them I would go back and bring them. I let them spend $5.00 each. I know, I'm a sucker. I've done this before and it usually turns into a greedfest, with them asking if they can have just one extra thing . . or maybe two, and then I get aggravated and want to say 'forget the whole thing'. So, I told them ahead of time, y'all each get $5.00. If you ask for anything extra, that $5.00 will go down to $4.00, then $3.00, etc. Well, this kind of stumped Emma. She was full of questions, which is par for the course for her anyway.
Emma:'Mom, what if I have just four things and I ask for one more? Does that count?'.
Me: 'No, Emma, only if you ask for more than five.'.
Emma: 'What if I have five and then I put one up, and then want to get one more?'
Me: 'No, that's still just five, so that's okay'.
Emma: 'Okay, well what if I have five and then change my mind about two of them, can I pick
two other things?'
Me: 'Yes, Emma, as long as it's NO MORE THAN 5!'
Emma: (real cheerfully) 'Oh, Okay!'
This conversation may drive the average person crazy, but I'm pretty used to it so I just go with it. I figure I'll be used to these conversations for quite a while b/c my little one isn't even talking yet. So, maybe in about 10 years, I'll be back to normal conversation. Well, not 'normal', but closer.
So, we went to the Dollar Tree and they each ended up getting six things. Don't ask. But it did involve Emma 'needing' batteries for her fifth item. I knew that little booger would get around the rule.

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