Wednesday, September 19, 2007


I was commenting to Anna yesterday about one of the moms at soccer practice (she's a tiny, little petite lady); I said 'Oh yeah, she's a little tiny lady'.

John M. chimes in, 'Yeah, mama, you a little not very little'. An insult, slightly in disguise.

This one comes straight from his sisters' example.

At the age of 2 now, 'Mama, you gettin' me so agwahvated!'.

There was another one I wanted to share but my old brain can't remember what it was.

I'll share a picture from our church fair this past weekend:


chesneygirl said...

HA! I love John-isms!
I wish I could think of some Adam-isms but of course they all escape me right now.
I should start writing them down I guess.

Heather said...

cool train!! Yea about a year ago Jack started saying "I'm very fwesterated right now" :)

martie said...

Love the things he says.......course he does have a couple of older teachers! Hugs

~Telah said...

Kids can really say some funny things. I have a book that I try to write those funny-isms down but don't always get around to it.

hollibobolli said...

LOL! Faith said something similar.. but when it comes from such a cute mouth, how can you get upset??