Tuesday, September 18, 2007


I just noticed how long it's been since I've posted. La-zy, that's me.
I'm still alive, I've just been blog-neglectful.
John M. has had a weird stomach virus for the past 5 days that he just can't seem to
quite get over. I had a touch of it over the weekend, and now Anna has it too, although
not nearly as bad as he had it. I cleaned up more vomit in the last week than I ever
care to see in my remaining lifetime.
Jealous, eh?

Basketball, soccer, art and school are now in full swing, so I don't see home much
anymore. The inside of my car, I see all too often.

The weather has finally cooled off a little, as in it's not boiling hot out. It's been in the lower
90s. Woo-hoo! That's actually 'cool' for this place. I have some photos I want to post, but
don't have them uploaded yet. Slacking, part 2.

So, just checking in to do this post about nothing. I'll be back soon.


Suzanne said...

Hi there yourself! I hope that the stomach bug has vacated the premises -- it's just the worst, especially when everyone gets it.

BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) said...

Stomach bugs are the worse. I hope everyone is better for the weekend. And I am happy we "cooled" down to the 80s this week! ;)

martie said...

Hope all are recuperating nicely by now!

If a womans' place is in the home, how come we women are always in our cars? I guess maybe we are too modern for our own good sometimes! Hugs ♥

Greta said...

oh hell girl we went throught aht 2 weeks ago....should be over soon...hope all is well...

chesneygirl said...

Sorry about the stomach bug hitting your family... I hope it crawls is way out very soon.

Man! I sure wish we had your weather up here. It's cooled off here too... but when I say cooled off I mean 50's and 60's!

Mary Tsao said...

Just so long as there's no vomit *in* the car, life is golden!

Anonymous said...

Oh ick. Vomit is the worst! Hope everyone is back to their good feeling selves soon.

Melody said...

What a treat, 3 new posts. Glad you ok, sorry bout the vomits, eeuuww that is my worst!!! Laughed at little Johns backhanded remark! Kids say the funniest things. Faith remarked that she loves my squishy fat tummy!!$%@!