Saturday, May 26, 2007

Satisfied Saturday

I didn't do a Grateful Friday post, so I'm doing this baby.

I've been really grumpy lately, and mean to the kids. I feel guilty about it, but I think it's due to not enough 'me' time and too much 'them' time. That may sound selfish, but that's the honest truth.

So Mark helped in a big way today and took the kids galavanting around so I could have much needed me time.

I'm proud to report that I managed to do the following:

Wash, dry, and fold all the clothes in the house (a huge feat! in this, the house of many females).
Wash the outside of my car and clean out the inside (well, somewhat...)
Clean out 2 kitchen drawers that were a MESS!
Finally give Pearl a flea shampoo and try to totally de-flea-ify her.
Practice pitching with Anna.
Have 2 of the girls' friends over to spend the night.
Play with my boy outside for a long while.

It was a good satisfying day and it was just what I needed. Hope y'all are having a good one too.


MarkD60 said...

I don't think I've ever sen the word 'gallivanting' in print. I've heard it plenty but never seen it.
I'm glad you feel better. Hope next time you take it before you need it!

chesneygirl said...

Glad you got some 'me' time... I so know what you mean about needing it, it's not selfish in the least bit!!

Make sure you get it every so often!!

Hope the rest of your weekend was fabulous! ;)

Greta said...

it is NOT selfish...i am the same way....I HAVE TO HAVE ME TIME....i have to or everyone suffers...and after this halaious weekend i need double me time...

Cheryl Wray said...

I totally AGREE that life is not good and Momma ain't happy when she never gets alone or "me" time. It's something I treasure and try and get as much of as possible (and also "us" time with the dh). Makes me much happier when I get back with the kids!!

Krisco said...

I totally understand.

And yet me time still sometimes is working around the house time. Bummer, but also satisfying when you get those things done.

Next time maybe you can get a pedicure! : )

martie said...

You need to MAKE time for you....take a hot bath or go for a walk or read a book in the back yard....but make time. Anna should be old enough to keep an eye on John M for at least ½ hour if hubby can't entertain him for that long. We woman always seem to short change ourselves and come last.....when we should be right at the top because if we don't get time for us, we really can't be our best!!! HUGS!!!!

Anne said...

wow. I am glad you were given some time to yourself but I don't know if it counts as 'me' time completely since you didn't focus on yourself completely even once! Everything you did was for the family...and this is why being a Mom is so special and so difficult. Selflessness abounds!

kristi said...

I agree because I never have a quiet house and when I do, I take advantage of it by cleaning! That is why most mornings I am up at 5 am to mop, etc...things I can't do with 2 kids underfoot!

LLA said...

When I read your first paragraph, I started to invite you to come hang out with me. I'm the mayor of grumpy/bitchytown lately...

But it seems like you had a really productive day, and I know that always puts me in better spirits. So yay, you!

Although, that leaves me still here in grumpy/bitchytown. Alone. Oh well - since it's just me, I'm pronouncing myself the QUEEN!


(it takes so little to amuse me...)

capello said...

having some "me" time always makes me a better mom.

which is why i Freak Out So Badly when my husband gets sent on business trips. gah.

Anonymous said...

I need some ME retail therapy! LOL

Glad to hear you had a good day getting stuff done uninterrupted.