Tuesday, October 31, 2006

"I don't have time"

It's a phrase I use way too much. Not that I usually say it out loud, but it's something that I tell myself too often on a daily basis. I always wonder how others seem to have time for 'extras', whether it's doing things around their houses, volunteering their time to charities, or just doing something for themselves that they need. Maybe a 'date' with their husbands or making a craft because it's something they enjoy. I find myself constantly feeling like I'm trying to get 10 different things done at once and never being able to give 100% to any of them.

This feeling overwhelms me many times so I just tend to cut things out. Many times it's this blog, which I really want to keep up on a 'historian' level, thanks, Dani. Many times it's spending time with friends or doing something special for them because they really do mean so much to me. (Thanks for the b-day gifts, Chesney and Beki.) Mark and I very rarely go on dates anymore; I think we've been out, just the two of us, one time this year. I know that it's something we need and the fact that we don't do it often enough does damage our relationship. Marriage is hard enough in and of itself, but when you're constantly surrounded by children all-day every-day with no break, it wears you down. And cuts out any possibility of romance. At.All.

I'm going to try and work on these things. I'm going to tell myself that I do have time. If that means letting the dishes sit in the sink, or not watching 'The Duel' on Thursday nights, so be it.
I want to focus on the things that really matter. Wish me luck.

(I have a backlog of pictures that I hadn't downloaded, here's a couple)

Me blowing out my birthday candles. Look at those cheeks, WOW!

Anna and her best friend at the pumpkin-carving party this weekend. Doesn't my girl look pretty here?

Sidenote: Emma gave me a homemade 'coupon book' of treats to cash in on for the next couple of weeks. Most of them are for massages (maschs, in Emma-spell). There was one name I particularly enjoyed, the 'hot blow massage'. Don't ask.


Cindy N. said...

Oh now, I MUST have a hot blow maschs! That just sounds like it would be worth having!

Amanda said...

I say that all the time. Time managment is tuff.

Happy Birthday!!!

chesneygirl said...

You're so welcome! I hope you enjoyed you day! :)

Your bday cake looks like it has a Halloweenish theme....I bet that happens alot with your bday right before Halloween, huh?

I completely know what you mean...it's part of my daily vocabulary too. I hate it.

but make sure you make time for Kenny on Monday night! ;)

beki said...

Are you sure you aren't doing a hot blow mache in that first picture?

Time, there's never enough.

Teri said...

that sounds like a good plan. we definitely need to prioritize and usually dishes and tv can wait when it comes to the husbands and other important things.

Jamie said...

Happy Belated Bday! 37 ain't so bad. ;)

I can definitely relate to what you write here. One of my new goals is to have a date with the hubby once a month. So far so good. It's amazing how that helps, although we still end up talking about the kids/work, etc. when we are finally out! Sometimes I feel like I don't do anything 100 percent and that I just can't give enough to everyone. It is very frustrating! Hang in there! (and seriously I watch NO TV now...that does help although I blog way too much...ha)

Good luck with finding balance! You can do it!

DaniGirl said...

Happy Birthday!!

Yah, it's hard to strike that balance, isn't it? And just when you finally get it all balanced, something happens and the earth moves and you're all topsy-turvy again.

I truly love your blog, so I'm glad you've decided you have enough time in your day to keep posting. Just make sure it's when you want to and not because you have to!

Penelope Marzec said...

I've been where you are--working and raising kids. It isn't easy.

Our daughters were given more chores. That helped a bit. And it was good for them.