Monday, July 31, 2006

Why I'm broker than my average brokeness in August

August 1st - Mark's parents' anniversary
August 2nd - my one and only sister's birthday
August 3rd - my one and only husband's birthday (also the birthday of 3 friends!)
August 4th - my nephew's birthday (he's turning 7 and would like mucho presents pronto)
August 6th - our Anniversary (a wedding in the dead heat of the La. summer, I know I'm a little off) (13 years! WOW.)
August 12th - my parents Anniversary
August 26th - my niece's birthday (she's turning 10 and dittos her brother's sentiments above)

I think those are all of the big ones, but isn't that weird how many 'big' people in my life have August birthdays and anniversaries? Do you have a full month like this? If so, what month is it and what's going on when?


Anonymous said...

April. The 6th is by nephews birthday. The 7th is Peach's birthday. 9th is The Boy's birthday. 20th is my birthday. 27th is my sisters birthday. Pretty much from Jan 27th through May we have tons of birthdays, but April takes the cake .. HA takes the cake, get it? Yea I am lame.

Nicki said...

Wow! That is a busy (and expensive) month for you.

I don't have any months that are that packed. However, every 2-3 weeks from Feb. 15th to Apr. 15, I have birthdays. My nephew, all 3 of my children, and my husband.

DebbieDoesLife said...

And don't forget school is starting! New shoes! New clothes! All those beginning of school checks that must be written!

Re: my blog topic. I can't imagine YOU ever making anyone mad. You seem soooo sweet and nice. You must have imagined someone being upset with you.

Anne said...

We have a string of months like that beause of some weird coincidence in Shan's family. His parents and both sets of grandparents all seem to have birthdays and anniversaries from november thru january.

chesneygirl said...

June and July are like this for me.

June 5th - my parents anniv
June 15th - my mom's bday
3rd Sunday - Father's day
June 29th - son's bday
July 12 - Brother-in-law's Bday
July 16 - My best friends Bday
July 19 - Mother-in-law's Bday
July 21 - brother's girlfriend bday (soon to be SIL)
July 24 - Dad's Bday
July 29 - MY BDAY!!!

Oh yeah, and one more thing to add to the long list of 'Things Renee & Chesneygirl Have in Common'...we both got married in August! :)

beki said...

I get hit hard in May. It sucks!

LAMommyof3 said...

Wow! That IS a busy month!! April, July and October are the big ones for my family.

Jamie said...

Ouch! That hurts. The only thing I can imagine that would make it "worse" is if all this took place in December! And early congrats on your wedding anniversary. :)

Lala's world said...

oh man we have that too but it is like from March to May!! there are more birthdays and anniversaries and ya just basically broke all spring long!

holli said...

Yes - we have a ton of March birthdays.. and also a lot of birthdays around Christmas - which is the big double whammy!! Poor Faith, she really got screwed with that early January birthday.

I'm broker than broke right now for.. hell, I don't even know!

Beth said...

That is too funny...I can relate..that's what September is like for us.

September 22nd: Our Anniversary
September 23rd: Joe's little sister is getting married this year
September 23: Joe's little brother's babtism b-day
September 28: Joe's older sister anniversary
September 29: my b-day.

Greta said...

your august looks like my mom's birthday is the 6th as well....happy anniversay and birthday to you and all your peeps!!

Froggie Mama said...

Hi FroggieMom from FroggieMama!! :)
Great minds think alike, huh?? :)
Your kiddos are just precious! Thanks for stopping by! You're welcome anytime!! *ribbit!* :)

Rob said...

I'm from a big family. Our months are February, March, April, and September. September is especially hard because it's also insurance month. March is, too, but I sometimes have an IRS refund to help with that.