Thursday, July 20, 2006

What's 'in my' stuff?

I have been tagged by my favorite fellow Kenny-lover, Chesney, for this 'In My' list. I can't 'dis' my girl, Chesney, and I also find it hard to pass up a good list, so here goes:

In my purse/wallet:
--good gosh, a lot of shit . . let's start with a first aid kit, courtesy of Wal-Mart, 99 cents.
--my favorite wallet ever, with a cute little chic shopping girl embroidered on it.
--a coin purse that never contains much moolah, but usually a pony-tail holder or two
--my cell phone
--a big wad of keys

In my Refrigerator:
~A slew of juice bags (for the kids) and Cokes (for Mark), both addicted to each.
~bag of baby carrots (Chesney and I are twins on this one)
~neverending supply of hot dogs (hot dawwwgs, as John M. would say)
~Hungry Jack Butter-Flavored biscuits, I love 'em, love 'em, love 'em
~homemade jellies, courtesy of Mrs. Sam, the babysitter

In my Closet:
~Too many clothes (ditto for me here, Ches)
~wrapping paper/gift bags
~Christmas decorations
~a laundry bin full of purses
~dust bunnies

In my Car:
~Kenny Chesney CDs (Duh) (okay one more ditto here for me)
~Very, very, very ancient McDonald's french fries
~an assortment of balls that roll every which way when I'm driving
~my glasses, that I only wear when driving. I'm blind the rest of the time
~usually, 3 very loud kids!

Does anyone else want to share?


Vee said...

A laundry bin full of purses? Oh, how I wish we were neighbors so I could "borrow" one.

MarkD60 said...

Yeay! Coke first Pepsi last and everything else in between.

And baby carrots

chesneygirl said...

See why you're my favorite...were so much alike!!!
We have the same things in our purses too, (minus the first aid kit) I just chose different items to list. :)

Thanks for not 'dissin' me! ;)

Jamie said...

We always have hot dogs in the fridge (usually turkey dogs) for the girls. And your babysitter makes you homemade jelly! What a sweetie!

holli said...

Yours is so much more organized then mine!! I did this list way back when and I think I freaked out Nana. The only change is that Tom has had my car detailed numerous times!! Thank goodness.

Lisa M. said...

I loved this one! Its great!

Mrs. Flinger said...

AMEN! Sounds so much like my life. Most especially the Fries. :-)