Friday, May 19, 2006

My favorite Stingray

Anna is in full swing with softball season (she's on the right in the picture). She pitched two innings at the last game and did a great job! I was so proud, I almost did a cartwheel.

We have such a great time watching her play. I was NEVER into sports until my girls started playing. Mark is coaching this year for the first time ever and Anna loves it.

Here's one of her biggest fans at the game:


Trina said...

She looks so much like you, that is so neat!
Yeah we just got done with T-ball, and we are still in the middle of Major League with our 11year old.

These are such great memories for them.

chesneygirl said...

That sounds like SO much fun!!
I can't WAIT til my little guy starts playing little league sports!

...and you can still do cartwheels??? Color me impressed!!
I can't do them anymore and I was a cheerleader for pete's sake!

Have a nice weekend, sis! :)

Nicki said...

It sounds like the whole family is involved. That's wonderful! Good memories.

Jamie said...

What a cute cheerleader! :)

Anonymous said...

You're going to have to beat those guys off with a stick.


Anne said...

i'm like you, not into sports but you have no idea how other parents assure me how enthusiastic I'll become when the girls are playing. Congrats on your slugger!

Alli's Mom said...

It's fun to be the cheerleader! My little one had her first dance recital this year, and I couldn't have been prouder! I shed several tears!

P.S. Thanks for the letter...I posted on my blog, please come check it out!

Erin said...

I never played sports either. To this day I could do without sports on TV. Tell my hubs that!

What a cute little fan she has!

momyblogR said...

Beautiful kids. AND a cartwheel.....I'd LOVE to see that. Me, I'd kill myself!

Mary Tsao said...

Anna's my favorite Stingray, too!

Lala's world said...

awww that is too cute....J is couching Emily's little baseball team too and we all love it!! I never played sports so all this is new to me too!

Laurie said...

Yay for softball! Anna looks so grown up!

And John's big brown eyes? WOW. Could he be ANY cuter?

Greta said...

sista he is so stinkin cute and those big brown/hazel eyes i could just eat him up

yay for daddy coaches

holli said...

Those are really cute pictures of both of them. It sounds like fun for all of you to go to them game and watch her play, especially if mom is going to bust out and do a cartwheel!

Lisa M. said...

I love, youth sports. I think it is a wonderful learning experience, and it brought me many happy times as a youth and a parent.

Good for her in pitching!

Woo WOoo