Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Bet I was the only one doing this on a Tuesday evening

Holding a squeeze chute open for a cow, so her calf could be taught how to suck from her.
Can you believe it?

I just have to draw the line at getting fresh cow poop on my shirt, like Mark did.

I'm not that dedicated.

I'm becoming such the farm girl, eh?

Not really.

RENEE'S FARM FACT OF THE DAY (Okay, I didn't know this, maybe most do, but it was news to ME):
Anyway, here goes.
When males cows (is there such a thing? or is it just a bull? anyway . .) are young, you can put this little
ring dealie on their private part and it cuts off the circulation to said part and slowly, it shrivels up and falls off.
Why, do you ask? (I bet the cow is asking the same damn thing). So that they're just a 'steer', and not a 'bull '(used for reproducing). Mark taught me this today, while pointing out a male calf ding-a-ling. I felt bad for that little calf, but Mark swears it doesn't bother them. But really, how does he KNOW that? They may need some serious counseling in the future.


KristieSue said...

LOL I just asked my husband and his friend who are sitting here if they knew anything about this and I am now being nerded on the reason for doing this lol.

naive-no-more said...

I could write you a book on cows. Having lived in the country all my life and having milked 250 of them on my husband's families farm, I know more than I ever cared to about the creatures.

Did you know they have four stomaches? And that they chew their food, swallow to the first stomache, regurgitate it, chew some more, swallow to the second stomach and all over again til the fourth? That's what "chewing their cud" means.

Interesting huh?

Renee said...

Good Lord!, but I'm becoming more bovine-educated by the minute! Thanks, Naive!

Lisa M. said...

Unfortunatly-or-fortunatly- I knew both facts.

*sigh* Somedays, I think I am becoming quite the farm girl too, and I DON'T wanna.

We did get baby chicks on Monday.

*sigh* again!

Anonymous said...

I learn something new everyday!

Lala's world said...

LMAO.....ok that is too funny....how does he know it doesn't bother them???

speaking of such my little Scotiepoo, Jackson, is getting his little nuts cut off as we speak!! poor little thing!!

Cindy N. said...

Ok, i want to see a picture of you doing this thing.

Greta said...

girl what the hell...i would have DIED..I wouldn't make it on a farm...no way jose!!!

You go girl

Jamie said...

I grew up in the country but did NOT know that about the cow private parts. Ouch!

BlondeMom said...

p.s. Renee, you could rename your blog Bovine Mama! ;)

Renee said...

Ooh, but y'all make me laugh. I'll have to get Mark to snap a picture next time.


Bovine Mama

mickeydad said...

I have to say that Renee was quite the cowgirl. You "band" the boy calves soon after birth because they grow faster without their private parts. (Their body sends them into growth mode instead of hormone- I'm a bull mode) Banding cuts off the circulation, which nums the area, and the calf is none for the worse. However, the other method, to cut them with a knife, is not as painless...

Penelope Marzec said...

My grandfather had a farm with cows and steers. However, I was never told the nitty-gritty stuff about the steers. To my grandfather, I was a city-slicker anyway.

LAMommyof3 said...

Wow - you learn something new every day! Maybe i could have gone without knowing that, though. LOL